1191169-bTarzan, the story of a baby boy who was raised by gorillas, communicates with other jungle animals, and then one day meets a young woman who would change his life forever. Sounds like an “interesting” movie right? Wrong, it is a fantastic movie. I remember watching this movie on VHS and being so jealous of Jane because she got to fall in love with this carefree ape-man. Watching this movie again, at 23 years old, I can say I am still jealous of Jane getting this fairytale romance. Disney has a way of connecting with its audience. The story may seem absolutely absurd on paper, but when a person gets to experience the story on the big screen, the silly plotline turns out to be a gripping and fantastic tale.

Tarzan came out in 1999 and is 37th animated film from Disney. It earned $448.2 million at the box office, surpassing its $130 million budget. The character Tarzan, becomes the hero of the adventure, staying behind to lead his tribe and look after those who looked after him for so long. Jane makes the tough decision of either going back to her homeland with her father or staying with her new love. She ultimately jumps ship and swims back to Tarzan.

This movie illustrates the love of a mother and the bond between two unlikely characters. Love transcends hate, differences, and prejudices that some may have against others. Love saves the day, and it is shown in this movie between a man and ape.

rachelRachel Heggenberger | Writing Contributor
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Who is Rachel? She is a Jedi Master who adventures in Narnia; helps the Avengers overcome their latest adversary, and visits with Hagrid on the weekends. However, that is just her day job. Rachel grew up in tiny town, but always had big city dreams. She graduated in 2018 with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Communication from San Diego Christian College. Her love for nerdy movies, books, and television shows fuels her desire to work in the entertainment industry. Rachel often writes reviews and critiques on movies she has seen. She is a full-fledge Star Wars nerd and thrives off of listening to videos, podcasts, and breakdowns of the latest nerd/comic movie. Rachel loves talking with others about the latest movie or television show, and would love to one day have her own video show! Find her on Instagram @rachel.nicole_95 | View My Blogs 

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