Thor: Ragnarok

81LHuCYlgEL._SY679_Thor: Ragnarok was the third and last installment of the Thor trilogy. The god of Thunder’s past two movies have been pretty decisive in terms of whether they were “good” or not; however, people can agree that Ragnarok was the best in its series, and maybe even in Marvel canon overall. Taika Waititi surprised audiences with a fun, retro, and a revamped Thor.

Thor became the literal god of thunder when he struck down armies and his big sister Hela all the while Immigrant Song by Led Zepplin played in the background. Audiences finally got to see Thor as the brave, stubborn, and spontaneous man-god they waited six years for. I have not met a person who does not thoroughly enjoy Thor: Ragnarok. Waititi allowed Hemsworth to ad-lib many of his lines, such as the hilarious scene where Thor tells Valkyrie and Banner how Loki had turned himself into a snake in order to trick him. Speaking of Loki, the loveable adversary finally had his time to shine as the god of Mischief. Loki is commonly misrepresented as “evil” or “villainous”, and at times he is, but his main goal is to be mischievous. He’s a trickster, and not all of his tricks are wicked. He ends up helping his brother and joining his side, bringing an end to their vengeful sister.

Thor: Ragnarok was a cinematic masterpiece that changed the way Marvel produces films. The shows are more fun and light-hearted, but not afraid to show the mental and internal struggles that heroes face. Marvel is creating (or redefining) characters to make them more relatable and – in turn – more interesting. This is a definite re-watch movie that will stand the test of time as one of Marvel’s best superhero films.


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