Teen Titans Go to the Movies!

481919-teen-titans-goThe Teen Titans have been fan favorites since they debuted on Cartoon Network over 15 years ago. Their look and tone has changed with different adaptations of the superhero group, but they still represent the true definition of fun. This summer, the comical group has hit the big screen with their new animated adventure, “Teen Titans Go! to the Movies.” In this movie, every DC superhero has a movie except for the Teen Titans. Robin, the leader of the Teen Titans, wants his own movie. However, the Titans lack a villain, which makes them a joke. So, they go out and find their own villain, which happens to be Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke. The movies plot is refreshing in today’s superhero movie market. The creators behind this movie continually poke fun at the classic hero tropes, such as how Batman has had way too many movies compared to the other heroes. Additionally, it’s fun to watch how the actual superheroes play themselves in the Hollywood blockbusters.

Throughout the Titans journey to get a movie made about themselves, there are plenty of puns, Easter eggs, and bathroom humor. The movie hints at a possible ORGINAL Teen Titans return, which is the biggest take away from the movie. When the Titan Titans received their new makeup in 2013, audiences were upset because they were aged down. With the possible return of the original Titans style of animation, the future is bright. The movie does have a lot of bathroom humor in it, which reminds audiences that it is a kid’s movie. This is not for the mass audiences like Wonder Woman or Batman V Superman. This movie was something fun that DC and Warner Bros produced for it’s younger viewers. With that being said, the movie is ridiculous at times. There is a singing unicorn, air balloon villain, many jokes about poop, off the wall musical numbers, and many references to Robin having “baby hands.” There is a reference to the ‘Circle of Life’ within the movie and it’s enough to make you laugh, but also question what you’re watching. The musical numbers are actually catchy considering that it’s a superhero movie. Keep an ear out for Michael Bolton.

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies” is a carton movie that could have gone set straight to DVD. But didn’t because its a lot of fun, and even in today’s economy, its worth a ticket price. It was produced for kids and made for their humor. It has potential to cross over demographics like a Disney movie, but that is not the point. It’s ridiculous, has bathroom humor, and has super bright visuals. The overall plot is refreshing, and predictable. If you have a youngster who is not ready for the summer superhero blockbusters, I highly suggest taking them to see it. If you were a fan of the Teen Titans cartoons, I would suggest go see the movie before it gets released on DVD or streamed. The voice-actors Teen Titans themselves (Scott Menville, Tara Strong, Greg Cipes, Hynden Walch & Khary Payton) are also awesome and just as goofy folks in real life, just like the well-known characters are (Check out our 1:1 interviews here). They even had Nicolas Cage voices Superman (yes this is for real) and Will Arnett voices Slade. And, our very own favorite Eric Bauza even makes a special cameo appearance. This movie is fun and something that DC fans will not expect. It’s a new dose of superhero entertainment that paves the way for a new world of Teen Titans and DC Superheroes.


Release Date: July 27, 2018

Starring: The Voices of Scott Menville, Tara Strong, Greg Cipes, Hynden Walch, Khary Payton, Eric Bauza, Kristen Bell, Will Arnett & Nicolas Cage.

Director: Aaron Horvath & Peter Rida Michail

Genre: Animation/Adventure/Comedy

Audience: Children and Family

Rating: G

Runtime: 88 minutes

Official Social Media Pages: 

IMDB: @Teen_Titans_Go!_To_the_Movies

Wiki: @Teen_Titans_Go!_To_the_Movies.

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