2018 | SDCC Review

SDCC2018-headGrowing up in Michigan, I have always dreamed of the day that I would go to Comic Con myself. I would always watch the panels online, wait for news to break the Internet, and Instagram search for the costumes. The world of Comic Con is the world I love. Superheroes, fantasy, magic, adventure, movies, TV, and everything else popular culture! When I started working with GeekRockTV, the idea of going to Comic Con was just a silly thought. I didn’t believe that I would get to go in and write about it, but then it happened. I found myself in San Diego in line for a badge and thought wow, “this Michigan boy has finally made it to Comic Con.”

I always knew comic con was an event, but didn’t realize the craze of the event until I actually attended it. I could not believe how many people were at the convention. There were people literally everywhere and they were dedicated to being there. From standing in line for Hall H or waiting for exclusive merchandise, people were there with a purpose. I enjoyed being at the convention will all the fans because I’m a fan myself. However, I could not bring myself to wait in all the lines. The only line I wanted to wait in for was the Funko Pops. The exclusive Funkos at the convention were wickedly cool. If you haven’t seen Kingdom Hearts Mickey, Google it.

As I walked around Comic Con, I couldn’t stop starring at the costumes. The amount of time and effort these fans put into their outfits is unbelievable. Then, I chuckled a few times at the people who should have not been wearing costumes, but who cares! Comic Con is a time for people to be free and celebrate what they love. In addition to costumes, there was so much art in the exhibit hall. Fan art is one of my favorite things because you get to see your favorite characters in new forms that the original creators would never imagine. For example, I saw a painting with Peter Pan and Captain Jack Sparrow fighting together. That was awesome.

As far as panels, I only managed to get into a couple of them because lines are my least favorite things. I managed to watch the D23, Arrow, and a celebration of the Clone Wars panels. I spent a lot of time watching less popular panels because the wait times were not bad. I was slightly disappointed by the panels this year though because of the lack of Star Wars, Marvel and Disney. Those are the fandoms I am most passionate about. However, they were all MIA this year because of their current story points. Additionally, I think Disney is now done with Comic Con since they have their own convention every other year. It was cool to see DC and Warner Bros take center stage at the convention though. I think DC is on the way up with their upcoming releases. The one panel I wish I got to see was Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwand. I saw the excitement of the fans as they left the hall and was slightly jealous.

I had a lot of fun at Comic Con wandering and discovering new fandoms. However, the best part was when I got to work with the cast of Sirens and record their round tables. It was bizarre how I was able to sit in a room with TV stars and casually record them for GeekRockTV. The whole experience felt casual and ordinary, which is something I didn’t think was possible. Working in the entertainment industry makes you are less focused on the celebrities and more focused on the stories being told.

Overall, I had a great time experiencing the craziness of Comic Con. Will I go back? Absolutely Yes! GeekRockTV presented me a once in a lifetime experience and I am so grateful for it. Thanks for sending this Michigan boy to experience something that he has dreamed about his entire life! Please support by following us so that we can continue to bring the con to your home.

mf-image.jpgMichael Fracassa | Writing Contributor
B.A | Media Studies | Bowling Green State University
M.A | Film & TV Producing | Chapman University
Michael Fracassa is a Michigan native who recently moved to California to pursue his dream of producing children’s television. Currently, he attends Chapman University where he is obtaining his masters in Film and Television Producing. He is passionate about all things Disney, Marvel and Star Wars. You’ll find him adventuring around Disneyland or swimming in the ocean. Instagram @Fracassaaa | View My Blogs 

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