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disneyland_park-logo-4974399947-seeklogo-comAt the Disneyland Resort, Pixar Fest is in full swing. With the opening of Pixar Pier, the return of fan favorite parades and a new firework show, now is the time to visit. Throughout this blog, I will talk about all the things to see and give a few tips/pointers on how to successfully experience all things Pixar Fest. Lets get started.

The first experience to see is the Pixar Play Parade. The Pixar Play Parade has been bringing guests joy since 2011 when it was featured in Disney’s California Adventure. For Pixar Fest, Disney brought the parade to Disneyland to give it a new life. You can catch the parade at either 3:30PM or 6:00PM. Buzz and Woody introduce the parade and the fun begins. For this new version of the parade, there are a couple new floats. Keep an eye out for the iconic Pixar lamp, an Inside Out themed whirly and the characters from Up. The new fan favorite character is Kevin, the bird from UP. In addition to these new characters, you’ll see characters from Monsters Inc, A Bugs Life, the Incredibles, Finding Nemo, and Toy Story. Fair warning, you will get wet during this parade. The parade is high energy and guests of all ages will love watching it. The best place to watch is near It’s A Small World. There are typically less people and you can find a comfy seat on the ground. Also, watch the second parade. Everybody tries to watch the first parade and it gets HECTIC! Be smart when you are planning your day. Use the parade as a break to eat a snack (mickey ice cream bar) and find your second wind for the remainder of the day because there is still a lot to see and do!

When the sun goes down, Disney’s California Adventure is the place to be. The nighttime parade, Paint the Night now calls DCA home. This parade was introduced to Disneyland during it’s 6oth anniversary a couple years back. It is a fan favorite because it is an innovative parade that showcases all your favorite Disney and Pixar characters. Now, you can see it in a brand new park and watch as it lights up the World of Color lagoon and Hollywood boulevard. In this parade, you’ll find Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, Lighting McQueen, Mac Truck, the Incredibles, Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Mickey and so many more iconic characters. The parade is a visual and audio sensation that will leave you saying, “when can we do this again?” There is only one show time, which makes it a crowded route. The show starts at 8:50PM every night. I suggest you find your parade spot one hour before. The best place to watch is next to the Silly Symphony Swings by the pier. This is the step off point and not many people think to walk back there. As the gates open, your imagination will soar as you see Tinker Bell and Peter Pan greet you!

When Walt Disney created Disneyland, he intended the fireworks to be the kiss goodnight. To celebrate Pixar Fest, Disney has created a brand new fireworks show called: Together Forever – A Pixar Nighttime Specular. This fireworks show showcases all your favorite Pixar pals and celebrates friendship and family. You’ll see Buzz Lightyear fly over Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, Lightening McQueen and his friends race down Main Street USA and even experience the magic of Coco on the rooftops of Mainstreet USA. The firework show starts at 9:30PM sharp. This means if you want to watch Paint the Night and the fireworks, you need to move quickly between California Adventure and Disneyland. You will see guests start picking spots to watch the fireworks at 7:30pm. Do not be one of those people. These fireworks are great from a couple different spots. I strongly suggest watching from the middle of Main Street USA. This is a great vantage point and you can see everything. Trust me, the party is on Main Street USA Another great spot is in Frontierland on the bridge. You can hear the music and see everything crystal clear without dealing with the crowds. At this location, your heart literally feels the fireworks burst in the sky.

Pixar Play, Paint the Night, and Together Forever are all great entertainment options for you to enjoy during Pixar Fest. You cannot go wrong with any of these options. Disneyland is celebrating friendship and Pixar this summer and you do not want to miss it. Trust me, you’ll leave a day at Pixar Fest humming “you’ve got a friend in me” or telling people to “just keep swimming.”


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