A Simple Favor

posterA Simple Favor, begins with Stephanie (Anna Kendrick), recording a vlog in her kitchen, telling her viewers that her friend Emily (Blake Lively), is still missing. The film starts out with a mystery and takes the audience back to when Emily asked Stephanie a simple favor that resulted in her disappearance. Stephanie appears to the viewers and her counterparts in the film, as a devoted, loving, stay at home mother. However, Emily, who works in the city and is a rather blunt woman, brings out the dark secrets Stephanie has through dry martinis.

The two come together one afternoon because their sons want to have a playdate. After this, Emily and Stephanie become friends. Every now and then Emily will ask Stephanie to pick up her son, as sometimes she has to work late. One day, Emily asks Stephanie to pick up her son, but as the day progresses and turns into night; Emily is nowhere to be found or reached. Stephanie calls Emily’s husband and the two start searching for Emily.

Spoiler Alert | The investigation ends with a dead body found in Lake Michigan. The film takes a halt to mourn Emily’s death, but Stephanie knows there is more to the story. Stephanie then embarks on a journey to uncover the truth about Emily’s past. Stephanie finds out Emily is a twin who ran away from home many years ago. After Stephanie broadcasts her findings to her vlog, Emily comes forth. All this time, Emily had a plan to collect a large sum of life insurance money, so she no longer has to work. After finding this out; the audience is left stunned. The film ends with Emily in jail, after trying to frame her husband for the whole situation and for killing her sister. Stephanie is left to live her life with her son and her millions of viewers/followers gained in the drama of Emily’s life.

A Simple Favor, deals with so much that it is hard to understand it at first. The thrill and unexpectedness the film brings is what kept me intrigued, but its’ faulty storyline is what loses me. Blake Lively’s dark humor complimented Anna Kendrick’s lighthearted awkwardness well, which is why watching the film was so fun. However, the climax and plot of the film could have been a lot better. I enjoyed watching the ways the story would unfold, but at times it would be a bit draggy. Overall, I would give the film a 7/10 rating. ​A Simple Favor’s​ cast is what saves the film, but it’s anticlimactic storyline and loose ends make it hard to understand and follow. I left the theater liking what I saw, but I was also unsure of what I just saw. If you like a movie that keeps you guessing then this is the movie to see.​ A Simple Favor​ is a fun ride; it just did not deliver as much as I thought it would.


Release Date: 14 September 2018

Starring: Blake Lively, Anna Kendrick, Henry Golding

Director: Paul Feig

Distributor: LionsGate

Genre: Drama/Mystery/Comedy/Crime Audience: 18 and older

Rating: R

Runtime: 119 min.

Facebook: A Simple Favor

Twitter: @ASimpleFavor

Instagram: @ASimpleFavor

IMDB: A Simple Favor

WikiLink: A Simple Favor

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