Zachary Levi

Zachary Levi is the 2018 receiver of the San Diego Film Festival – ‘Humanitarian Award‘. Known for the classic series, Chuck, and roles in films like Tangled, Thor, and the upcoming DC film, Shazam. Levi is also known for his work with his company, Nerd HQ. which works to provide events and celebrations for pop culture fans alike. Nerd HQ and Levi also dedicates themselves to using the money they raise to fund and support a 501 © 3 nonprofit organization, Operation Smile. This nonprofit works alongside Nerd HQ in traveling around the globe to provide surgical care to children in need. Levi also worked to restructure Nerd HQ into a nonprofit organization itself, not only working with Operation Smile, but other nonprofit organizations in need. Currently, the organization is currently under reconstruction, as Levi continues to work on his acting career.

San Diego Film Festival is dedicated to creating a conversation of global impact through the art of film. Besides showcasing amazing films by directors from around the world, San Diego Film Foundation and Festival also work to highlight and recognize actors and musicians who have gone above and beyond to use their impact to help others around the world.

We got a chance to talk with Levi before the SD Film Festival kicked off.

Host: Hi Zachary! <<*fist bumps*>>

Zachary: Hi! <<*fist bumps back*>>

Host: Nice to meet you, congratulations!

Zachary: Thank you.

Host: I just wanna go ahead and give you a microphone.

Zachary: Oh, I don’t want to. Well, okay- As long as you wipe it down with Purell. <<He didn’t want to spread his cold>>

Host: I got Purell, hand sanitizer, everything. Glad we got you while there’s still light in here.

Zachary: I know, just barely. We’re gonna do it.

Host: Yeah, we can do this. San Diego International Film Festival 2018 – Joining me right now is my friend, Zachary Levi. He’s here to receive such a wonderful reward tonight at the Night of the Stars. Zachary, first of all, congratulations on the Humanitarian Award.

Zachary: Thank you.

Host: Tell me a little bit about this award and how much it meant to you when you first heard about it.

Zachary: I’m honored. Haha. I’m honored by it, I’m very humbled by it. Y’know, I choose to do humanitarian work because I think it’s something we can all do and should all do, and I’ve been given an incredible platform in my life to, hopefully shine light and even take my own money and throw it toward people who genuinely need it and need a leg up in life. I do that because I think it’s the right thing to do. It’s very nice to have people recognize the act of kindness…

(rest of interview answer and follow up question was lost in the video/audio)

Host: Being the fact we are at an Independent Film Festival – What advise do you have for those folks you want to get into this business?

Zachary: Oh gosh, run as fast as you can. No, I’m kidding, I’m totally kidding. Um, no, I’d say you’d have to keep pursuing. If it is your dream, if it is your passion, you have to believe in it from that standpoint. You can’t believe in it from a success, or fame, or money standpoint. You have to believe in it because you love the art. When I was a kid, I loved entertaining people. I was four years old, I made somebody laugh- potentially for the first time, and that made them feel good and that made me feel good, and I knew then that I didn’t want to do anything else for the rest of my life. And I was fortunate enough to find theater, and through theater find film and television. I’m really grateful that I’ve gotten to keep doing this very thing that I love. And if I wasn’t making any money from doing it, I’d like to believe that I’d be doing community dues and y’know, whatever else my job would have me doing.

Host: And then, speaking of, y’know, your latest work. Do you have like a tease that you could give about your next project. Like hint hint…hint hint.

Zachary: I don’t, I have no hint hints other than, I’m in a show called The Marvelous Mrs. Weasel, it’s season two, and will be out at some point-

Host: Anything to talk about- hint hint, Shazam?

Zachary: And then Shazam. Well, Shazam will be out in April 5th of next year. The trailer we dropped at San Diego Comic Con, and it was so well received, and it was such a great trailer. If we could make a 90 minute or so version of a movie of anything that feels like anything like that trailer, then it’s a win. And we’ll be happy.

Host: My last question is: how has acting enriched your life? Follow up question, how has it enriched your spiritually as a person?

Zachary: Well, it’s enriched my life as an actor in that I get to do what I love to do. I get to (audio was lost in the video) as an actor. It’s a great job, it pays well if you’re successful enough doing it. I have people who give you suits to dress up in at red carpets. It’s all very nice. And I’ve gotten to work with such amazing and talented people throughout that process. And spiritually, as a person, it’s forced me to go even deeper into who I am. Honestly, it could be a pretty gnarly place, and it could beat you up sometimes, but if you can take that and go try and see where that affects you and learn about yourself and look deeper into who you are, what makes you tick, and hope you’re stronger and happier with yourself.

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