Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis AcesOver the years, Nintendo releases sports games starring the lovable characters from the Super Mario franchise. That twist adds another fun element to the game when playing. This summer, Nintendo released Mario Tennis Aces on the Switch and the game brings new and returning features that fans will love. Some new features include, and a first in the Mario Tennis series, an adventure mode and the “zone” system. The adventure mode places the player as Mario as he searches for power stones to stop a cursed tennis racket from doing anymore harm and to rescue his friends who were cursed by the racket. Players will find themselves playing classic tennis matches as well as boss battles and challenges to progress Mario. The story is a breath of fresh air, having players play the game a lot longer and giving them satisfaction when they complete it. The “zone” system adds spice to the average tennis game. Characters in the game have an energy gauge in which the players will use for zone shots, zone speed, and special shots. Freeze time as you plot where to launch your zone shot, or slow time down as you chase after the ball that is out of your reach with zone speed. Use special shots to launch the ball and break opponents’ tennis racket if they fail to block it. Returning features include tournament mode, where players can go against computer characters or other players online, and the option to play without the “zone” system, leaving the players only their raw skills to win. Mario Tennis Aces is a great game for the players who are looking for a challenge and/or a laid-back time with friends and family.

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