Old Skool - Armageddon - PosterA ragtag group of oil diggers must become makeshift astronauts to save the world from a giant asteroid in less than two weeks.

Armageddon shows us the story of a desperate effort to prevent a mass extinction event similar to what ended the dinosaurs thousands of years ago. Typical of a Michael Bay film, when watching this movie one can expect it to be about sixty or seventy percent explosions followed by dialogue. Within the first ten minutes the audience is thrusted into high gear from going to a gentle narration to multiple explosions happening one after another as a space shuttle and half of New York is destroyed by meteors.

At this point we see NASA and the government officials scrambling around and making phone calls attempting to figure exactly what the problem is. Despite all of their efforts it’s a retired naval officer that calls NASA to inform them of the impending doom that approaches from space. During a phone conference with the president we have the one of NASA’s men running through the halls pushing over people and bursting into the room stating that they have eighteen days before impact establishing a time limit to figure out a solution as well as the most stressful eighteen days of their lives.

As they figure out a way to deal with the problem they come up with the idea of digging a hole in the asteroid and placing nuclear bomb inside so that the asteroid may split in half missing the Earth. We are then introduced to Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis), a hard boiled man who owns an oil company and trying to live a simple life. Or a simple enough life to where the biggest problem in his eyes is AJ (Ben Affleck), a young employee of Harry’s for five years, sleeping with his daughter Grace Stamper (Liv Tyler), whom Harry has a rocky relationship with.

After Harry chases AJ around his ocean oil rig with a shotgun, an event that some young men are too familiar with, the military swoops in to pick up Harry who first believes it to be a joke. Afterwards, he fully debriefed and learns just what exactly is at stake. Harry agrees to take on the job on the condition that he picks out his own crew. People that Harry is familiar with and trusts, including AJ despite the daughter issue, get the full debriefing as well and eventually agree to follow Harry on the mission. They must then be trained in all the procedures and to handle space travel within twelve days versus the years that astronauts do. It is at this point where we get to see some humor in the movie to lighten up mood for the oncoming events. We watch as Harry’s ragtag group of ex-convicts and trouble makers go through some physical as well as mental tests in preparation for the upcoming mission.

Before the day of launch they are given a final ten hours of freedom to do whatever they want. AJ spends some loving and relaxing time with Grace while a couple others spend time with their loved ones. There are those, however, that take the opportunity to literally live like it was their last day on Earth and go crazy in strip clubs. Either way we get the calm right before the one hour storm of chaos and explosions that is soon to follow.

From launching off the surface of the Earth, refueling their shuttles aboard a Russian fueling station, to landing and finishing the mission that they set out to do is fraught with one dangerous situation after another. Tensions rise and conflict ensues to the point where it is the crew against the government against themselves against the asteroid all wrapped up in a complicated mess that is bound to stress you out. However, all is not lost as all the stress built up within you from the final moments of the film are bound to be released in the form of tears. Despite a few moments within the film that felt slightly cliché, a Russian fuel station that borderlines as a mcguffin or excuse for more explosions and the overwhelming amount of explosions it’s an enjoyable film that I give a six out of ten. After all, what’s a Michael Bay film without explosions and destruction?


Release Date: July 1, 1998

Starring: Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, Will Paton, Steve Buscemi, William Fichtner, Owen Wilson, Michael Clarke Duncan, Peter Stormare, Ken Hudson Campbell, Jessica Steen, Keith David, Chris Ellis, Jason Isaacs

Director: Michael Bay

Distributor: Touchstone Pictures / Valhalla Motion Pictures

Genre: Action / Adventure / Sci Fi / Thriller

Audience: Rated PG – 13

Runtime:  151 Minutes

Official Website: N/A

Official Social Media Pages: N/A

IMDB Page:@Armageddon

Wiki Link:@ArmageddonFilm

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