_Old Skool - E.T. - Poster_A young boy with little friends discovers an alien that has been stranded on Earth. The boy takes it upon himself to help the alien find a way to get back home as well as survive. In doing so, he must keep the alien a secret from others, avoid government officials, and somehow act as if he is maintaining an ordinary life.

 Anyone who grew up in the 90s can remember just how experimental Hollywood was. It definitely seemed as if producers were willing to take on almost any idea that popped into someone’s imagination. E.T: The Extra Terrestrial, directed by Steven Spielberg, was definitely one of the movies that fit that criteria, but turned out to be one of the better well thought out ones.

In the film we follow the journey of an unfortunate alien that gets stranded on Earth when it decides to sneak away from its group to be a bit adventurous. When exploring the forest a group of government officials, including a guy with a very nice set of keys attached to his belt, scout the area. As we all know, aliens don’t like to interact with humans, so their arrival causes the main ship to leave which in turn leaves E.T. to fend for himself. E.T. manages to successfully escape from the officials and make his way toward the town where it hides in a small family’s tool shed.

A young boy named Elliot (Henry Thomas) discovers E.T. in a corn field after going through all the trials and tribulations that is being a younger brother trying to join his older brother’s dungeons and dragons campaign. However, Elliot manages to have his own adventures as he proceeds to search for the elusive alien with a child’s favorite nutritional substance. Candy. As Elliot goes about his day sprinkling candy all over the forest and neighborhood, he succeeds in two endeavors: luring E.T. out of the forest and getting scared half to death when E.T. finally reveals himself to Elliot.

After realizing that E.T. is not a monster and is actually an intelligent being, Elliot attempts to befriend the alien as well as care for the fish out of water. As tries to teach E.T. English he somehow develops a supernatural bond with the alien that later we find has some fairly interesting consequences. Nevertheless, Elliot does his best to care for his new friend while it tries to figure out ways to communicate, learn, and contact his home via some MacGyver-esque methods.

Ever since I was a hyperactive sugar addicted child growing up in the 90s, E.T. has always been a personal favorite film of mine. More often than not, people will watch a film they enjoyed as a child and be utterly disturbed or flabbergasted at the fact that they used to enjoy it. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case for E.T. The film doesn’t feel as though it is trying to force emotion on the audience by providing exposition dumps, nor does the dialog seem unnatural. Clues within the dialog and actions of the characters allow the audience to piece together the backstories allowing the characters to feel more real than fictional.

Granted there are some moments or situations within the film that don’t get fully wrapped up. In addition, there appears to be some time jumps. How much time has occurred throughout the film isn’t entirely clear. On of that, top towards the end a dire situation occurs that risks the life of Elliot and E.T, but as to how exactly it happens is never explained. Regardless, E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial remains to be an enjoyable film and has passed the test of time in my opinion. For those who have yet to watch it, I definitely recommend it.








Release Date: June 11, 1982

Starring:  Henry Thomas, Drew Barrymore, Dee Wallace, Robert MacNaughton, Peter Coyote

Director: Steven Spielberg

Distributor: Universal Studios

Genre: Family / Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Adventure / Teen / Tween /

Rating: PG

Runtime: 114 min

Official Website:www.uphe.com/movies/et-the-extra-terrestrial

Official Social Media Pages:


Wiki Link:@ET

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