Mrs. Doubtfire

_Old Skool - Mrs. Doubtfire - Poster_After being fed up of her husband Daniel Hillard’s decisions in the house, Miranda Hillard files a divorce and a lawsuit to have 100% custody of the kids. Afraid of never being able to see his kids again, he disguises himself as an old woman, Mrs. Doubtfire, to babysit them so he can see them more often than he can. His plan gets harder when he lives two different lives and when a new man comes into the picture.

In the beginning of the movie, we see a side of Daniel Hillard. He is a voice actor for children’s programs; although he loves his job, he does not support the character he is portraying, a bird who is smoking, as it teaches kids to smoke at a young age. His boss threatens to fire him unless he plays the part. Then, we see the other side of Daniel. He quits and runs straight home to celebrate one of his three kids’ birthday by throwing him a seemingly disastrous party. When his wife Miranda Hillard arrives, she is flabbergasted to see a horse in the house, kids playing rough and nearly breaking decorations, etc. Miranda has her last straw and finally tells Daniel that she wants a divorce.

Next, we see the parents in court and the judge granting sole custody to Miranda until Daniel gets a solid residence and a job that will fit needs for his children. It is a very heavy moment to witness a character who is not able to see his children and now we want to see Daniel succeed so he can see his children, but he plans to see his children even sooner. As Miranda looks for a caretaker for her kids, Daniel calls his brother to help him create a so he can fit her needs. He gets the job as Mrs. Doubtfire, Miranda’s new British nanny to assist her with looking after her kids. All is fun and games until Stu, Miranda’s new boyfriend comes into the picture.

Matters get worse when Mrs. Sellner, his court liaison, visits while he dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire, so throughout that whole interview he switches between her and himself. He gets into another situation like this later in the movie. Daniel puts more food on his plate when his jealousy kicks in. He tries to ruin Stu’s possessions and even tries to harm him by feeding him something he is allergic to.

(SPOILER ALERT) Towards the end of the movie, much like the scene with Mrs. Sellner, Mrs. Doubtfire gets invited to Miranda’s birthday, the same day Daniel has his interview with a CEO of the TV station he works in. Tensions rise when we see Daniel switching between his two lives in the women’s restroom at the restaurant. Then we see his worlds collide when he brings the wrong person to his interview and then ruins his mask, thus blowing his cover in front of his family.

Hollywood gives its audience the happy ending we need. Although Daniel did not get half custody of his children, he was able to bring joy to them in the living room on TV every day. It is a touching story of a man who invents a new character while developing his own character into a responsible man who learns from his mistakes (even when it was so close to the ending of the movie). This movie does have a share of laughs from the wonderful Robin Williams and great acting from him and Sally Field as well. This is a movie to watch with the family at any time of the day.


Release Date: November 24, 1993

Starring: Robin Williams & Sally Field

Director: Chris Columbus

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Family

Audience: All Ages

Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 125 minutes

Official Website: N/A

Official Social Media Pages: N/A

IMDB Page: @Mrs.Doubtfire

Wiki Link: @Mrs.Doubtfire

Other Sources: N/A

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