The Outsiders

Old Skool - The Outsiders - PosterA high school orphan struggles during his transition to adulthood when he gets caught up in a crime. Afraid of what his future will be if he gets caught, he runs away from his two older brothers, friends, and the law. He soon learns the meanings from the events that surpass through his time away from home.

Based on the novel by S.E. Hilton, who also made a cameo as a nurse in the film, the story follows Ponyboy Curtis, a young teen who is in a gang known as The Greasers, as he gets into trouble involving the law. Ponyboy’s parents both died in an auto accident; thus, leaving him and his two older brothers Sodapop (Soda) and Darriel (Darry), who are also Greasers, alone. So, hiding from the authorities is their highest priority to make sure that Ponyboy and Soda do not get moved to a foster home.

The entire cast and crew did a great job taking details, from atmosphere to characters to dialogue, from the novel to the big screen. The film begins the same way the novel does with an innocent Ponyboy walking out of the movie theaters and gets attacked by The Socs. He gets rescued by The Greasers, his friends, and brothers. Right off the bat, we see that Ponyboy wants to live a normal life but cannot considering he is in a gang. Also, we see the close relationship he has with The Greasers. They are all family to him. Every detail in the novel is projected into this film.

Ponyboy recalls famous poem by Robert Frost, titled Nothing Gold Can Stay, and realizes its meaning. There is a moment where Ponyboy and Johnny, his best friend, wake up one morning to see the sunrise and are mesmerized by the sky’s gold color. The vision helps both the character and the audience with Frost’s meaning in the poem. Anything that is pure will not last forever; to add to that, Johnny was a character that is better described as pure and innocent. (SPOILER ALERT) When he killed a Soc, he lost his innocence, his pureness, which leads to his character passing away—“Nothing gold can stay.” (Frost, 1923).

The film has great use of music, visuals, and character portrayals, to make the novel come to life. It makes its audience feel that they were with Ponyboy and the gang in the 1950s. There are Elvis Presley and old Rock ‘n’ Roll songs, people dressed in leather jackets, circle & poodle skirts, and button-up shirts, and slang & accents.

Overall, this film looked very fun to develop and like it took much work to make it come to life. It is a great movie that portrays the adolescences’ transition to adulthood as well as using symbolisms and metaphors that teach the audience about morals and understanding. Whether the viewer is an adolescence themselves or any age range around that, it is a great story to watch, and even read, to get lost in the 1950s.


Release Date: March 25, 1983

Starring: C. Thomas Howell, Matt Dillon & Ralph Macchio

Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Genre: Crime/Drama

Audience: Adolescences

Rating: PG

Runtime: 91 minutes

Official Website: N/A

Official Social Media Pages: N/A

IMDB Page: @TheOutsiders

Wiki Link: @TheOutsiders

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