Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016)

turtles-02After defeating Shredder in this reconstructed world of the Ninja Turtles, our heroes in a half shell find themselves facing a bigger challenge than before with Shredder wanting to break free. With other known enemies from the Ninja Turtle world stepping in to take over the world, the turtles may need to step out of their comfort zone. Will Leo, Raph, Donnie & Mikey step out of the shadows to save the world, again?

The movie opens a year after the 2014 movie’s ending with the turtles enjoying a basketball game as they hide in the jumbotron. Meanwhile, Vern enjoys his celebrity status since everyone believes he defeated Shredder on his own, and April follows Baxter Stockman around as she may think he is involved with Shredder. It is great to see danger coming in at the beginning of the movie; whereas, the danger does not come in until later.

Aside from its more serious, darker tone (from my review on the 2014 film), this movie and its writers do a great job with giving the characters personalities that fans will recognize in a heartbeat. The turtles mess with Vern during his encounter with his fans as well as Mikey accidently dropping a slice of pizza onto the court, thus making a player slip on court. As different as the scenery of the movie is, compared to the cartoony style we see on TV, the characters give nostalgia to long-term fans.

Plot-wise, the writers threw even more danger to the turtles and their allies in this movie than the 2014 movie. (SPOILER ALERT) Casey Jones, a prison guard, fails to transport Shredder as well as two known villains from the TMNT universe Bebop and Rocksteady. During the transportation, the Foot Clan comes in to break Shredder free; however, the turtles come in to stop them from helping Shredder. Something crazy happens when a portal opens in front of Shredder for him to escape, and Bebop and Rocksteady escape as well, leaving the turtles and Casey shocked about what happened.

We learn that Shredder was taken to another dimension where Krang, another powerful villain in the TMNT universe, resides. Krang asks Shredder a favor to help him build a portal that will allow him to cross into our dimension and take over the world, once again. He then accepts and gets Karai, the Foot Clan, as well as Bebop and Rocksteady to assist them. With so many villains working together, the turtles may need to cross some lines to defeat them all.

Overall, the movie has a great story, well-written characters, and terrific action scenes to mix in its amazing scenery. The movie’s ending is a unique one; even I was hoping for an ending like this one in every TV show or movie of the ninja turtles. This movie and its predecessor are two great ones to watch for a movie night with a double feature.


Release Date: June 3, 2016

Starring: The Voices of…Pete Ploszek, Jeremy Howard, Alan Ritchson & Noel Fisher

Director: Dave Green

Genre: Action/Adventure/Comedy

Audience: All Ages

Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 112 minutes

Official Website: www.teenagemutantninjaturtles.com/

Official Social Media Pages:


Wiki Link: @TMNT

Other Sources: N/A

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