Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (1991)

c4caabf850eeee954338332e7fea8336The turtles jump to the big screen once again. This time, the turtles learn about how they became mutant, the ooze. Thinking that he was defeated for good, Shredder makes a surprise return. He also learns the secret of the ooze and uses it as a new way to take over the world and get rid of the turtles.

In the movie’s opening, the Foot Clan shows up, once again, in a New York City mall to steal valuables. On the other hand, a famous pizza joint, Roy’s Pizza, is buzzing and their pizza delivery boy Keno is sent out to make a delivery. However, Keno runs into the Foot Clan during his delivery. We get teased with dozens of people eating pizza, then the Foot Clan doing no-good and about to harm a young boy. The suspense rises as they close in on Keno, then in the nick of time, the turtles run in to save the night. The movie does a great job paralleling the first movie from teasing their grand appearance to the Foot Clan to somebody in danger.

The movie reveals the way the turtles and Splinter became mutated, a mutagen in the form of ooze created by a company TGRI. Shredder makes a grand return and also learns about the mutagen. This time, to take over the world and stop the turtles, he kidnaps Professor Perry of TGRI to recreate the mutagen and use it to create an army. While Perry is forced to create the mutagen, he leaves out characteristics that will make mutants less powerful. The writers did a great job implicating the turtles’ greatest strength and reason they are who they are as their own enemy in this movie.

The turtles and Keno go on a mission to stop the Foot Clan and go into an abandoned subway station. Then worst-case scenario they get taken by the Clan in a trap. They are introduced to the information that Shredder is alive, created two mutants Tokka and Rahzar (a snapping turtle and a wolf), and kidnapped Professor Perry. A great touch in this movie is watching Splinter in action, where most of the time the action is done by the turtles. Then, it becomes an escape mission for the turtles, Splinter, and the professor from here.

(SPOILER ALERT) The turtles escape and brought justice to evil once again, but then Shredder comes back again, for the second time. This time he comes back as Super Shredder, from drinking the mutagen. A comedic twist happens when Super Shredder tears down pieces of the building they are in to reach the turtles, then the building collapses, crushing Super Shredder and the turtles escape before the collapse. The final moment is one of the best and funniest twists in movie history, where we think the villain is going to take on our heroes but ends up being the cause of his own death. This movie is a great sequel to the first with more turtles, villains, characters, and an insight to how the turtles became mutants.


Release Date: March 22, 1991

Starring: The Voices of…Brian Tochi, Laurie Faso, Adam Carl & Robbie Rist

Director: Michael Pressman

Genre: Action/Adventure/Comedy

Audience: Children & Family

Rating: PG

Runtime: 88 minutes

Official Website: www.teenagemutantninjaturtles.com/

Official Social Media Pages:


WikiLink: @TMNT

Other Sources: N/A

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