X-Men: The Last Stand

x-men-the-last-stand-53d146171312cX-Men: The Last Stand, directed by Brett Ratner, continues the fight between humans and mutants in ‘the not too distant future’ after the events of the previous two movies. However, where is a story to take place when one witnesses the actions of extremists from both sides of a war? How about the misunderstood intentions and actions of one who is trying to do a good deed? Where the events of X-Men and X2 follow the actions of humans and mutants attempting to proactively fight a war between the two sides, X-Men: The Last Stand shows the repercussions of Warren Worthington II (Michael Murphy) and Dr. Kavita Rao (Shohreh Aghdashloo) of Worthington Pharmaceuticals attempting to help the mutants by developing a serum to permanently suppress the mutant gene. However, in doing so they spark controversy in both the mutant community and for those who support mutants as protestors crowd the streets around the pharmaceutical buildings. After all, who wouldn’t want to support a friend with the ability to magically create ice cream or fix any electronic device one may have. Sounds like a win-win to me.

On the other hand, those who turn to anger and fear will not stand by and let the situation pass without taking advantage of it. It is here we follow the actions of the infamous Magneto (Ian Mckellen) as he capitalizes on the events by creating a small army to combat the threat via appealing to groups of underground mutants. Meanwhile, we see the X-Men dealing with internal conflicts as the death Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) from the previous film still haunts a few of the members there. Logan (Hugh Jackman) and Storm (Halle Berry) run training exercises in the danger room to teach the younger mutants defense strategies. However, Logan being Logan ignores the plans, goes on the offense, and follows through with sassy one liners. Afterwards, Logan attempts to console Scott (James Marsden), who still mourns the death of Jean, as he makes his way back to the place the location in the previous film after hearing Jean’s voice in his head. Upon arrival, in a fit of passion and despair Scott fires his eye beams into the lake to find Jean emerge looking healthier than ever and with red hair.

At this point Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) sense something is wrong and sends Logan and Storm to the location. Upon arrival they find mist, various minerals along with Scott’s glasses floating, and an unconscious Jean on the shore of the lake. And like the great friends that they all are they grab Jean and make their way to the X jet to head back without even so much as calling out for Scott. The epitome of comradery. It is upon their arrival back home where X-Men purists may have the most trouble with the film. As Professor Xavier and Logan watch over Jean’s unconscious body Xavier begins to provide exposition as to how he met Jean and how powerful she truly is by referencing the Phoenix Force. However, in his explanation to Logan he describes the Phoenix Force as a split personality disorder rather than an external entity that possess Jean within the original comic book story. Hence, the discrepancy.

As Jean regains consciousness she begins to display just how powerful she can be by ripping doors down as if they are paper mache and walking out of the Xavier mansion like a boss. Concurrently, Magneto attempts to find and rescue the captured Mystique (Rebecca Romijn) and obtains a cheap version of the Juggernaught (Vinnie Jones) in the process. Afterwards, it is a race to see who can get to her first. Magneto and his new brotherhood who intend to use her to eliminate the humans and their serum or Professor X and his X-Men who intend to help her control her powers and to re-establish the Jean that they know. Overall, I rate this film a 6 out of 10. In some ways the actions taken by others seem illogical and the film focus quite heavily on witty one liners for either humor or to settle an argument. In addition, some plot points and characters seem unnecessary as they don’t really stand out in the events of the story. The film is worth a watch, however I wouldn’t expect too much from it.


Release Date: May 26, 2006

Starring: Aaron Stanford, Anna Paquin, Famke Janssen, Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, James Marsden, Kelsey Grammer, Omahyra, Patrick Stewart, Rebecca Romijn, Shawn Ashmore, Vinnie Jones

Director: Brett Ratner

Distributor: 20th Century Fox

Genre: Action/Adventure / Thriller

Rating: PG – 13

Runtime: 104 Mins

Official Website: www.foxmovies.com/movies/x-men-the-last-stand

IMDB Page: @X-MentheLastStand

Wiki Link: @X-MentheLastStand

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