X-Men: The Original

4fc8a94ab8e3f1b22d05c2eaa12b0158A man with no memory of his past and teenage girl become involved in a conflict between a terrorist group and a superhero team.

The original X-Men, directed by Bryan Singer, released in the year 2000 introducing audiences all over the United States to the interesting universe that Marvel Entertainment has created as well as the concept of super powered individuals known as mutants. The film begins with a mysterious monologue informing audiences of evolution and its connection to mutation. The film provides an example by showing the audience a young boy being separated from his family within a Nazi concentration camp. As he struggles against the soldiers it is revealed that he has supernatural abilities that allow him to control metal. Fast forward a few decades and we are thrown right into the main conflict of the story. Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) stands before a room of politicians informing them about mutants. During her presentation she then engages in a debate with Senator Kelly (Bruce Davison) who represents a wide portion of citizens and politicians alike that are afraid of the potential damage or terrorizing that mutants can do with their abilities. Exploring the idea that humans fear and despise what they do not understand or cannot control. Which certainly explains the anxiety I feel when I need to send a document by a deadline, yet can’t get a wifi signal despite the router being on. The film reveals that the mutant community is threatened by the movement to pass a law that forces mutants to come out of hiding and register their abilities with the government. Mutants argue that it is segregation, while humans argue it is security. It is during this point we introduced to Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Eric Lensherr (Ian McKellen), aka Magneto, who leave the debate room and have a minor confrontation. Eric seeks to prepare for a war that he is anticipating with the humans while Charles attempts to persuade his old friend that such a war will not come to fruition. Meanwhile, in a cozy and vibrant room we find a sweet teenage girl planning out a vacation with her boyfriend. They laugh and flirt as they discuss how the trip will take place before slowly drawing closer to each other and share an intimate kiss. A kiss that nearly kills the young man as the girl discovers her mutant abilities. Talk about a traumatic relationship experience. Since that moment we find that Marie (Anna Paquin), aka Rogue, is on the run with no particular goal in mind. She arrives at a bar where she meets her future protector Logan (Hugh Jackman), aka Wolverine, participating in cage fights. When the humans discover that he is a mutant there is some slight conflict before he decides to leave. Recognizing that he too is mutant Marie decides to stow away in Logan’s tow cart for a ride. After all, finding a man fighting in cage matches for money who also has blades sharp enough to slice a gun come out   of his fists screams “trustworthy”. Soon after departing the bar Logan then discovers her stowing away. Upon confrontation tells her to get out, declaring that he doesn’t care what happens to her, before we see that the Wolverine does indeed have a soft squishy caring center as he decides to help her out in the end by giving her a ride, some food, and some warmth from the car heater. Which is incredibly lucky her, because one can imagine how disheartening it is to left on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere with nothing but snow all around you. Cold and alone, I’m sure many people would be too frustrated to cry. Marie and Logan engage in some awkward small talk before all the pieces of the story start to intertwine. Logan finds himself in a bit of trouble before ending up in the care of Charles. Upon their meeting Charles informs Logan about his situation and where he is. Logan is then provided exposition on Magneto giving the audience insight as to why Magneto acts the way he does. After some subterfuge takes place the audience is then shown just what kind of intentions Magneto has for his fight against the humans and how he needs Marie in order to carry out his plans. After she is successfully abducted it is up to Logan and his newly established super acquaintances to rescue her as they prepare themselves for the final conflict which is filled with subterfuge, strange coordination, action, and witty banter. The film does a good job in telling this multi layered story of anger and fear, though the action sequences can be a bit strange. Despite that, the true strength of this film revolves its story and the message behind the conflict between all parties. It is due to that I rate a 7.5 out of 10.












Release Date:  July 14, 2000

Starring:  Anna Paquin, Bruce Davison, David Hayter, Famke Janssen, Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, James Marsden, Patrick Stewart, Ray Park, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos

Director: Bryan Singer

Distributor: 20th Century Fox

Genre: Action / Adventure / Thriller

Rating: PG – 13

Runtime: 104 Minutes

Official Website: www.foxmovies.com/movies/x-men-2

Official Social Media Pages:

IMDB Page: @X-Men

Wiki Link: @X-MenFilm

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