Cars 3

ced1b01817c162f5fdc989cb245980f8Back in the world of animated cars follows Lightning McQueen, once again as his arrogance gets the best of him, again, at the pinnacle of his career. When another racecar, who reminds Lightning of himself in his younger days, disrespects him, he demands to race him, but on one condition. If he wins the race, Lightning will retire racing on his choosing, but if he loses, he retires and moves on to the next step in his career, branding.

The movie starts minutes before a race. Lightning McQueen goes through his pre-race routine and makes his way to the starting point. On the track, we meet a brand-new racer Jackson Storm, who behaves the same way Lightning did in the first movie, so then Lightning tries to show him up and fails. Lightning gets into an accident, causing him to step down from racing. Not wanting to step down, he wishes not to move to the next step in his career, branding himself, and demands to race again to shut Jackson Storm and his arrogance. He makes a deal with Sterling, a car who now owns Rust-Eze and is McQueen’s new manager. If Lightning wins his next race, he retires whenever he feels, but if he loses, Sterling makes the next move on Lightning’s career.

This movie is a great mirror for the first installment of the Cars series. Lightning’s arrogance gets the best of him, he gets severely punished, he wants to find the easy way out so he can get back to racing, then he matures by the end of the movie. Although it uses the same formula as the first movie, it still has a breath of fresh air. We see Lightning in a whole different way; he wants to teach the young racer to not be cocky, but in the way we expect Lightning to handle it. When Sterling assigned Cruz to be Lightning’s training coach, so he can get back on his feet (or tires), he does not accept it. He wants to train the old-fashioned way, by getting dirty outdoors not through hi-tech gadgets. From there, we see Lightning teaching Cruz how to race outdoors and then enter an “underground” race, much like monster truck racing.

It is nice to see a different side to loving to race. Two and a half of the Cars movies, we see professional racing, and, in this movie, we see people having fun from getting and playing dirty. There are also touching moments when Lightning dreams and has flashbacks of the late Doc Hudson whenever he needs help or advice. We all know Doc has the experience and patience to handle Lightning and with him gone, he still turns to him when he’s in trouble. (SPOILER ALERT) it is nice to see Lightning follow in his footsteps to help other racers on the track like what he did in the first movie.

The writers did a great job with weaving multiple generations of cars together. Lightning and Cruz finally meet Smokey, who was Doc’s trainer, and his friends at a saloon in the middle of nowhere. Smokey offers his old-old-fashioned training tricks to prepare them for racing. It was warming and new to see three generations bonding through each of the cultures/experiences they bring: Lightning and Cruz learning how Doc and Smokey learned how to race, Cruz learning how to drift like Lightning and Doc, and Lightning getting his old gears moving through Cruz and the new technology. It teaches its audience that we should not be locking ourselves within our generation. We should welcome others and share experiences and cultures to better understandings of each other.

Overall, this movie does a great job with including diversity (whether its voice cast & crew, or the characters). It teaches us to be open to others and their experiences, not to shut down because they are different.


Release Date: June 16, 2017

Starring: The Voices of Owen Wilson & Cristela Alonzo

Director: Brian Fee

Genre: Animation/Adventure/Comedy

Audience: All Ages

Rating: G

Runtime: 102 minutes

Official Website:

Official Social Media Pages: 

IMDB Page: @Cars 3

Wiki Link: @Cars 3

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