The Reign of the Supermen (Paley Center Review) By Caroline B.

mv5byty0ogixndmtnziwzi00ntfmlthhyzutyzuzyzc5zjywmthjxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynzu3njuxmze@._v1_uy268_cr23,0,182,268_al_The world wide Premiere of The Reign of The Supermen took place in The Paley Center in Beverly Hills. The film follows the story line after The Death of Superman. After the film premiere, the cast: Jerry O’Connell (Superman), Jason O’Mara (Batman), Charles Halford (Bibbo Bibbowski and The Eradicator), Toks Olagundoye (Cat Grant), Patrick Fabian (Cyborg Superman and Hank Henshaw), Tony Todd (Candyman), along with producer and director Sam Liu, James Tucker (Producer) Phil Bourassa (Character Designer) and the amazing screenwriters Jim Krieg and Tim Sheridan all gathered to answer questions given by the host and anyone in the crowd.

The night was filled with a lot of smiles and laughs, James Tucker and Sam Liu were asked what the plan going in was, James answered that they had enough time to show Superman dying and to show what the world had become without him. They also had enough time to show characters that didn’t have a lot of spotlight in The Death of Superman, which were their main goals. Jim and Tim were asked if they had any discussions between the original comic book writers, such as Dan Jurgens, when writing the script or how they went about writing the script. The screenwriters answered that they had their own Eradicator in creative director of DC comics, Mike Carlin, who helped in crafting the original comics and they had their amazing team.

Phil Bourassa’s biggest challenge was crafting Cyborg Superman because he had a very large arc in the storyline, and he had to disguise the monster inside of him. Charles Halford confessed to having read the original comic book back when he was a kid. He also connected very well to his character Bibbo Bibboswki because of his own personality.

Jerry O’Connell was happy to announce that the highest scoring film (in rotten tomatoes) he has ever worked on was The Death of Superman. Cheers! Cheers! Cheers! Patrick Fabian told the crowd that The Reign of The Supermen is the first thing in animation he has ever done. He mentioned how even in animation he’s over the age of 50! Since Hank Henshaw has white hair. Jerry was amazed at how well the mixing of the voices in the film is done because it’s very subtle. And he told the crowd that he and his wife Rebecca Romijin (Lois Lane) do tend to rehearse their lines together and they have fun with it.

Phil mentions that the Reign of The Superman is a Lois film as well. Patrick added that his favorite line was telling Lois Lane as Cyborg Superman, “I’m going to tare you, limb from limb.”

Jim Krieg adds that film is also a mystery, which Lois Lane is trying to solve. The question is, who is the real Superman? And they treated the story like audience didn’t know the comic books therefore, they don’t know the answer. Making the audience believe that Cyborg Superman could possibly be the real Superman was their most important sequence. Phil mentions that if the audience doesn’t buy the scene then the whole film is tanked, but of course, it isn’t.

Questions then are taken from the audience, Sam answers that there wasn’t anything that they didn’t have time for, they had a large plot and time. Another audience member asked if the writers and producers had any projects that they wanted to redo, to which Phil answered, “I wanna redo our whole run.” Of course, he’s kidding! They added that they usually get it right.

Sam Liu answers that directing is very difficult, and James adds that to him Directing and Producing are just as challenging. Everyone mentions how they would like to see Tony Todd as a hero.

Tony then added that they all had a very safe space when recording. And Charles Halford loved the epic fighting scenes. The event came to a closing event with the entire crew thanking everyone in the audience for watching the film.

Don’t miss out on the upcoming films: Justice league vs The Fatal Five, (August 6, 2019), Batman Huss (unannounced), and Wonder Woman Bloodlines (unannounced).

In The Reign of The Supermen, after the death of Superman four mysterious beings appear, all with superpowers similar to Superman’s, claim to be his possible successors.


Release Date: January 13, 2019

Cast: The Voices of: Jerry O’Connell (Superman), Cameron Monaghan (Superboy), Jason O’Mara (Batman), Patrick Fabian (Cyborg Superman & Hank Henshaw), Tony Todd (Darkseid), Charles Halford (Bibbo Bibbowski & The Eradicator), Toks Olagundoye (Cat Grant).

Director: Sam Liu

Distributor: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

Genre: Superhero/Animated/Action

Audience: 13 and over

Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 1 hour 27 min

Official Website:

Official Social Media Pages: n/a

IMDB Page: @ReignoftheSupermen

Wiki Link: @ReignoftheSupermenFilm

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