Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

indexSet in New York City, four teenage mutant ninja turtles must stop the evil plot of Master Shredder which results in him taking over the world. Much like the cartoon/animated programs, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello & Michelangelo must train with the help of their master, Splinter—a mutant rat who lives in the sewers, to match Shredder’s high-level skill and stop him.

One night in New York City, a band of thieves, known as the Foot Clan attempt to steal from a nearby van until April, a news reporter, catches them. They, then, pin her down and attempt to seal from her as well. The Clan’s fun is about to end when strange silhouettes approach the scene. After a while of silhouettes closing in on the gang, the beloved ninja turtles reveal their identity, brought justice to the thieves, and rescued April from their clutches.

It is the first time we see the ninja turtles in 3D and on the big screen. Before then, the turtles were only seen in 2D in our living room television screens. We were teased with 2D silhouettes of the turtles who are about to save the day, then finally make their big reveal. It is so satisfying to see the turtle costumes and choreography of the fighting in the beginning; it sets up for a great story. Speaking of which, the movie brings a known villain into 3D and the big screen.

Master Shredder and his minions plot to take over the world. Aware that there are ninja turtles who are roaming about the city, Shredder tries to eliminate them, so he can continue his evil plot with ease. Master Splinter, the turtles’ sensei, trains the turtles to match Shredder’s high-level skill, but their training will not come easy. We can tell the turtles trained hard when we see action between them and their enemies.

Aside from the battles the turtles get into, there is a coming-of-age side plot. One of the Foot Clan members from the opening scene is a young boy Danny, who is distant from his father Charles, head of a news channel. Danny runs away from home after being released from jail and runs into Splinter who advises him to go back home because his father loves him. It is a touching scene because we learn that Splinter treats the turtles as if they were his own children. He is speaking from experience.

From the intense fighting sequences to hilarious love interest to relatable coming-of-age moments, this movie is a great way to introduce the turtles to children. Learning teamwork, saying cool catch-phrases & discovering a love for pizza from the turtles’ results in a fantastic movie. Have a movie night with family and/or friends & sit back with a slice of pizza and enjoy the movie. Cowabunga!


Release Date: March 30, 1990

Starring: The Voices of…Brain Tochi, Josh Pais, Corey Feldman & Robbie Rist

Director: Steve Barron

Genre: Action/Adventure/Comedy

Audience: Children & Family

Rating: PG

Runtime: 93 minutes

Official Website: www.teenagemutantninjaturtles.com/

Official Social Media Pages:


Wiki Link: @TMNT

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