Teenage Mutant Turtles (2007)

tmnt-movie-poster-mdUnlike their past adventures, the beloved teenage mutant ninja turtles must defeat an ancient evil that was unleashed 3,000 years ago. Before that happens, they must drop their individual careers and reunite, but also open up about their separation.

The movie opens with a narration that informs an event that happened 3,000 years ago, where warrior-king Yaolt takes over Central America then receives immortality from a portal that opens when nine stars align (called the Stars of Kikan); however, for receiving immortality, Yaolt sacrifices his army, and his four generals, into stone as well as monsters being released from the portal. Right off the bat, we believe the turtles are going to save the day together as soon as the movie takes us to present day. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

In the present day, we see the four turtles pursuing their own dreams instead of being a ninja team. We first see Leo taking on criminals who stole from a nearby village alone. We learn that Leo was in Central America on his own until he traveled back to New York City to find his brothers doing other things. Raph sleeps all day, but in secret from his family, went solo as The Nightwatcher, where he disguises himself in armor to take on baddies; Donnie starts his tech-support company; and Mikey has his own party business. It is different, as well as interesting, to see this side of the turtles who are not together anymore because we don’t usually see the turtles wanting to become something other than ninjas.

We also find that April is not a reporter anymore but the owner of a business. We see her and her roommate/boyfriend delivering an ancient statue to WintersCorp owned by Max Winters. As April and Casey leave, we find out that Max is recovering the four generals’ statues from 3,000 years ago and is leading the Foot Clan due to their former leader Shredder passing away. Max then orders the Foot Clan to look for the monsters who were unleashed and wakes the stone generals.

During Leo’s visit back home, we learn that Raph is angry at him for being the “leader” he was when he left while talking to Splinter. Splinter then shares that Raph misses him a lot although he wouldn’t admit it, and requests that they should fight as one team, not individually. The writers did well on unveiling the side of the turtles who struggle to keep a team together, but also showing that they want to be a team again. Following Splinter’s orders, Leo gathers the team again to reconnect, then find the Foot Clan taking on a monster. Jumping into instinct, the turtles join in to take on the monster; however, they fail, and the Foot Clan and the generals take the captured monster back to Max, while the turtles go home to an angry Splinter for disobeying orders.

Although we see the turtles as a crime-fighting team who only take on bad guys, this movie shows us a real side to working in a team and working with family. Not everyone gets along all the time and everyone has different dreams and personalities. This movie teaches a great lesson: don’t run away from issues, communicate to resolve them & not every team, not every family, is perfect on the outside.









Release Date: March 23, 2007

Starring: The Voices of James Arnold Taylor, Nolan North, Mitchell Whitfield & Mikey Kelley

Director: Kevin Munroe

Genre: Action/Adventure/Comedy

Audience: Children & Family

Rating: PG

Runtime: 103 minutes

Official Website: www.teenagemutantninjaturtles.com/

Official Social Media Pages:


Wiki Link: @TMNT

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