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img_0600We got a chance to catch the world premier of Reign of The Supermen on January 10th at The Paley Center in Beverly Hills. The film is a sequel to The Death of Superman. Before the showing, we spoke to Patrick Fabian who voiced Hank Henshaw and Cyborg Superman. The Reign of the Supermen is Patrick’s first time in the voice over world and the DC world, he mentions being excited, thrilled and a little worried because he didn’t know much about the DC world going in. He confesses to not having an answer when a fan asked him who his favorite Superman in the multiverse and being a little embarrassed by it. He thanks the voice director Wes Gleeson, for helping him reach his high performance. Patrick found his way to voicing both Hank Henshaw and Cyborg Superman because of their distinct personas. When asked on what he thinks Superman being accepted in the present world and in its current state of affairs… he answered as playing a coin toss.

Patrick Fabian has had a long career in the film industry. His earliest prominent role was on NBC’s Saved From The Bell: The College Years (1993-94). Since then he has been in a number of television shows such as: Will & Grace, Castle, Bones, and Lucifer; just to name a few. He has also been in various films, such as The Last Exorcism, The Death of Superman and The Reign of the Supermen. Patrick is mostly known for his role on Better Caul Saul as Howard Hamlin.

Host: Thank you so much Patrick for joining us!

Patrick Fabian: Absolutely, glad to be here!

Host: Welcome to the geek space, welcome to the voice over world!

Patrick Fabian: Oh, I’m so excited!

Host: It’s your first time.

Patrick Fabian: It’s my first time!

Host: Yeah, it’s about time.

Patrick Fabian: It’s my first time in the geek space and I’m very excited!

Host: I was like wait a minute, shouldn’t you already be here by now?

Patrick Fabian: You know what, I felt the same thing

Host: Yeah.

Patrick Fabian: Wes Gleeson who’s the booth director on this-

Host: You guys kind of look alike by the way

Patrick Fabian: We do kind of look alike. I think Wes wants to be me or I want to be him, I’m not sure which but he hired me to play Cyborg Superman and Hank Henshaw. What was great was that Wes had a real great feel about how to direct me. I’ve been used to being on camera and being able to use my face

Host: Yeah

Patrick Fabian: And all that sort of thing and you know, what I didn’t want to do is- I was daunted by the job because I didn’t want to be the guy who did know what he was doing. And I want to thank Wes-

Host: Yeah.

Patrick Fabian: Because he really helped modulate me into what I think is a pretty cool performance.

Host: Wes is the man! I mean I’ve interviewed him into and he’s really cool and the stuff that he knows, I’m just like marinating in all this information. So what was in your mind when you got this role though? I mean it’s the Superman franchise.

Patrick Fabian: Oh, I was thrilled. And I think at first I didn’t- I didn’t realize well you know as one of the producers said at New York Comic Con, somebody came up and asked a question-

Host: Ok.

Patrick Fabian: They said, you know, for the panel, who’s your favorite Superman in the multiverse. My eyes kind of glazed over a little bit because as the producer said, he leaned out, he goes, you’ll have to excuse Patrick he was an outside kid

Host: Oh

Patrick Fabian: So everybody sort of laughed and I’m like, right, because I wasn’t really well versed

Host: That’s true, ok.

Patrick Fabian: And so consequently, it wasn’t, you know when I first got the job the job for Hank Henshaw, On Hank he’s a scientist, that’s really great. I didn’t realize where it was going to tell you the truth.

Host: Ohh.

Patrick Fabian: And Wes didn’t really let me know, he liked the fact that you know I didn’t really know.

Host: Yeah. Interesting.

Patrick Fabian: So, it’s been thrilling to see where it’s evolved.

Host: It’s kind of like you’re the underdog and all of the sudden you’re like, oh you already had it in you. That’s awesome!

Patrick Fabian: Right! Who knew?

Host: How did you decide the voice between Hank Henshaw and Cyborg Superman, how did you come up with that?

Patrick Fabian: Well, you know, Hank is someone who believes in Superman very much. In Death of Superman, he believes up until the very end that he’s gonna be saved and everything’s gonna be okay.

Host: Yup.

Patrick Fabian: One dead wife later, his emotional world is wrecked. And I think your voice definitely drops

Host: Yeah

Patrick Fabian: And your sense of any hope is gone at that point and so I think that drives him, there’s vengeance and revenge to a degree but I think there’s also a driving force of you know Cyborg Superman would be Superman the way Superman’s supposed to be

Host: True

Patrick Fabian: Not the way this guy was

Host: What can you lead us on to what we can expect from this film? Is it going to be anything different from the comics?

Patrick Fabian: Well I can tell you this, there’s four Supermen who show up and umm-

Host: Yeah, one, two, three, four

Patrick Fabian: Yeah, we’ll even include Superboy, although he looks so small in the poster.

Host: Oh, that’s funny.

Patrick Fabian: He’ll kick my ass. There might be some fighting going on in the Reign of the Superman and what I liked when I saw, because I got to see a sneak preview was it locks me in on something and then it becomes this rollercoaster for the last 50 minutes.

Host: I’ll take it, that’s awesome. Now, if Superman existed today, given the climate that we’re in the 2019, do you think he would be as welcomed compared to where he was in the 80s and 90s?

Patrick Fabian: Wow, I would like to hope that our better nature would recognize that Superman was a gift to us.

Host: Yeah.

Patrick Fabian: Given the state of world affairs I think, it’s coin toss.

Host: Yeah, after Superman three and four and how he was treated afterwards and I’m like dude, because of that we lost Superman franchise we lost Superman for like 20 years.

Patrick Fabian: Yeah, for like 20 years! And so, I mean look he still inspires and the fact that he’s been reinvented and brought up again and again, and so many different permutations tells me that there’s a hunger out there for that

Host: Yeah

Patrick Fabian: And it’s not just fantasy. The reason DC universe draws so many viewers and eyeballs is because people are craving that sort clarity, of right and wrong that this can provide.

Host: Wow, well oh- I was about to say Professor Jeremiah no-

Patrick Fabian: Yeah Professor Lasky is Cyborg Superman

Host: I don’t know how many times you’ve gotten that, a first!

Patrick Fabian: (Laughs)

Host: Be sure to catch the Reign of The Supermen! It’s hitting in theaters this month and Patrick thank you so much for joining us!

Patrick Fabian: Absolutely!

Host: Cheers to you!

Patrick Fabian: Cheers!

Host: And to your success! And welcome to the Superman franchise!

Patrick Fabian: Thank you so much!

Host: Thank you so much!

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