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jerry o'connellIt’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… No… Its Jerry O’Connell playing Superman! Jerry O’Connell has returned to voice the iconic legend of Superman in the newly anticipated sequel to Death of Superman. Reign of the Supermen takes place right after the moment of Superman’s death and how the world moves on from this tragic loss with the mysterious emergence of replacement heroes.

Jerry O’Connell, the “Voice of Steel” talked with us at the premiere of Reign of the Supermen hosted at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills. We get to go into more detail about what playing an iconic role such as Superman means to Jerry and his take on the DC Animated Universe.

Host: Machelle Noel here from GeekRockTV and joining me right now is Jerry O’Connell. Jerry, thank you so much for joining us here today on our show!

Jerry O’Connell: Thank you for having me!

Host: You’re welcome! So Reign of Supermen, what can you tell us about this project?

Jerry O’Connell: Reign of THE Supermen. It’s okay it’s okay, it’s a common mistake! Im just saying it that so I don’t say it.

Host: It’s my first interview of the day so…

Jerry O’Connell: Well no listen, I don’t want to say it and then read it in your comments like “he said Superman he doesn’t even know the title of the thing!” Umm it’s exciting man, it’s really spooky you know these DC movies for me the DC animation it’s some of the best stuff in the superhero fandom right now and I’m just so honored to play Superman and to be a part of Reign of Supermen, Death of Superman, it’s a really exciting time to be a part of DC animation.

Host: Did you do anything different this time around?

Jerry O’Connell: Well I have to play a few different versions of Superman in this so.. yeah! I did some different stuff. Our voice coaches, our directors, our animators, everyone really helped me get there and it’s great I think people are really going to dig it.

Host: Which of the Supermen would you say you want to keep as an option to keep around?

Jerry O’Connell: You know, Superboy is pretty funny in this one! He’s a feisty little one, Superboy cracks me up for some reason.

Host: Where you a fan of the Adventures of Superboy? That show back in the 80’s with John Haymes Newton? Do you have any fun stories to share about that one?

Jerry O’Connell: Of course! I mean I just watched it, I don’t really have insight on it ya know.

Host: I was just really obsessed with that show.

Jerry O’Connell: Yeah it was good.

Host: How do you think the world would react if Superman existed, given the climate condition that we are in versus where we were back in the 80’s and 90’s with him?

Jerry O’Connell: Oh man… I dunno! Maybe he would help unify? Especially politics these days you know I mean it’s pretty crazy out there, the world really needs Superman now!

Host: You and Rebecca have worked at this project as well on the hallmark channel, you guys have any other projects going on in the future?

Jerry O’Connell: No! Were just mostly DC animation, were a DC animation couple now! We actually should’ve had a justice league –

Host: Seriously, you guys hit the DC jackpot basically!

Jerry O’Connell: We should’ve had a justice league themed wedding!

Host: Haha you guys are so adorable!

Jerry O’Connell: America’s wonder twins or something!

Host: Are there any other voices you would love to do in the DC world?

Jerry O’Connell: It really doesn’t get better than Superman!

Host: Yeah you hit the jackpot there! Well Jerry thank you so much for joining us today! Folks be sure to catch Reign of the Supermen – That’s hitting in theaters this weekend and Jerry thank you so much for joining us and hopefully we’ll see you again next feature!

Jerry O’Connell: Right on!

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