The Lego 2 Movie

MV5BMTkyOTkwNDc1N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzkyMzk3NjM@._V1_After Lucy, Batman, and friends are taken by invaders to a strange universe where musical theatrics are the norm, Emmet must overcome his fears and set out to worlds unknown in order to rescue the ones he cares about most.

Every now and then we have those days where we are consistently laughing or smiling so much that your cheeks hurt. I did not have one of those days. However, I soon found that The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, directed by Mike Mitchell, was exactly the dose of screen time fun that managed put an ear to ear smile on my face for at least ninety minutes and brighten up my day. With jokes wrapped in jokes, this film contains everything from puns to pop culture references complete with non-threatening sparkling vampires that wear womenโ€™s jeans.

Our story begins with an alien invasion from another imagination destroying the awesome city of Legos. After multiple attempts to rebuild their city, the citizens (and Batman) can no longer have anything awesome due to consistent invasions whenever something awesome is built. So, the citizens (and Batman) decide do tone down the awesome and change their society into a dystopian desert future complete with biker gangs and chaos.

Emmet (Chris Pratt), our incredibly optimistic and firm believer in the awesome, starts his day with a smile as he saunters his way through the anarchy that is his city to bring Lucy (Elizabeth Banks), our battle hardened heroine, a cup of coffee. After lessons on how to brood, Emmet reveals to Lucy a nice little house that he built just for the two of them. After a thorough tour of the house, Lucy exclaims that she is worried that the aliens will come back because of how awesome the house is. After Emmet expresses his hope that maybe things can be different moving forward, Lucy says the words that many hate to hear, โ€œYou need to grow up.โ€

Moments later, a spaceship arrives containing the fierce General Mayhem (Stephanie Beatriz) who seeks the fiercest warrior among the legos to bring back to her home planet. Lucy, Batman, and a few other friends are then captured after some combat, some destruction, and bit of attempted heroics by Emmet. After being considered not tough enough to stop the invader, Emmet sets out to travel through areas unknown with only optimism, his skills as a builder, and a tough guy that he meets with a spaceship full of dinosaurs in hopes of rescuing Lucy and his friends.

Overall, The Lego Movie 2 is a light hearted and all around silly film that should not be taken too seriously. However, embedded within the jokes and humor are some messages that should be taken to heart such as a reminder to not take life so seriously one hundred percent of the time. For those looking for puzzling mysteries, over the top action, or tear streaming drama then at the very least I suggest viewing a film without โ€œLegoโ€ in the title. If your day seems pretty drab and youโ€™re up for a bit of silliness to brighten it up, however, then The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is bound to do the trick. It definitely did so for me.


Release Date:ย 8 February 2019

Starring The Voices Of: Chris Pratt โ€“ Emmet, Elizabeth Banks โ€“ Lucy, Will Arnett โ€“ Batman, Tiffany Haddish โ€“ Queen Watevra Waโ€™ Nabi, Stephanie Beatriz โ€“ General Mayhem, Alison Brie โ€“ Unikitty, Nick Offerman โ€“ MetalBeard, ย Charlie Day โ€“ Benny.

Director: Mike Mitchell

Distributor: Warner Bros.

Genre:ย Family / Animation / Comedy / Adventure

Rating:ย PG

Runtime:ย 105 minutes

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IMDB Page: @TheLego2Movie

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