Arrow | Mid Season Review by Preston Fusci

e61b13f8332c0a667e515cf3e14b13a7This season of Arrow, based on the DC comics character Oliver Queen aka “Green Arrow” follows the aftermath of Oliver Queen outing himself as a vigilante to the rest of the world and is now in prison. As Oliver and team adjust to the aftermath of his actions, a new vigilante archer has arrived in Star City taking down arms traffickers.

Right before the midseason finale, Oliver is set free from prison and tries to readjust to outside life once again. During a party honoring Oliver, someone is murdered and everyone suspects the new Green Arrow. Because of this, Dinah authorizes Oliver to work with the SCPD as a special duty officer in order to avoid anti-vigilante laws to hunt down the new Green Arrow.

During their hunt, it is revealed that the new Green Arrow is Oliver’s half sister, from his father’s previous relationship before meeting his mom.


Screenshot_2015-07-04-09-55-40-1-1Preston Fusci | Writing Contributor
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