DC The Legends of Tomorrow | Mid Season Review by Preston Fusci

d7c82241f75742909b0e6d46a0fcde47DC Legends of Tomorrow follows heroes and anti heroes from DC Comics as they travel through time fixing anomalies. From the previous season, after the team successfully killed their main antagonist, a demon named “Mallus,” they inadvertently make problems worse for themselves. John Constantine informs them that when the team let time shatter to defeat Mallus, they released creatures called “fugitives” throughout history. Fugitives are magical creatures from myths and fairy tales that wreak havoc throughout the real world. So now the team must set off again to fix the mess they started.

During the mid season finale, a new timeline is created by John Constantine from the previous episode after he travels to 2018 to stop Desmond from falling in love with him and sacrificing himself for him. Because of this, Sara is killed by the unicorn at Woodstock, which in turn makes Nate and Ray form a lethal version of the Legends called the “Custodians of Chronology.” In an effort to fix the timeline, Charlie breaks Constantine out of the Time Bureau so that they can go to Woodstock and prevent the unicorn from killing Sara. Having thinking that things are fixed, they return to 2018 expecting everything to return to normal. Sadly, they learn that Mick, Nate, and Ray have been killed by the Fairy Godmother while Sara, Ava, and Gideon formed their own group called the “Sirens of Space and Time.”

After multiple failed attempts to fix the timeline, Zari convinced Constantine to return to New Orleans and restore the original timeline where Desmond falls in love with him.


Screenshot_2015-07-04-09-55-40-1-1Preston Fusci | Writing Contributor
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