Supergirl | Mid Season Review by Preston Fusci

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 10.06.44 PMSupergirl, now running in its fourth season, is a show following Kara Zor-El who doubles as a reporter and superpowered alien from Krypton. In the beginning of the season, Otis and Mercy Graves plan an attack on the president of the United States. During the attack, camera footage reveals to the rest of the world that the President has been an alien this whole time. Because of this, anti-alien sentiment spreads throughout the country.

During the midseason finale, Nia wakes up from a dream involving agent liberty. Kara and Brainy help Nia discover what her dreams mean, which leads them to an old Lockwood Factory where they meet Ben. Ben reveals to them that Manchester Black threatened to kill his wife, so Supergirl stops Manchester just in time and sends both of them to jail.

The new President, President Baker, demands that Supergirl should reveal her secret identity to the rest of the world. When she refuses, Baker fires her from the DEO.


Screenshot_2015-07-04-09-55-40-1-1Preston Fusci | Writing Contributor
B.A. | Communications | UCLA
Preston is currently a fourth year Communications major with a minor in Theater at UCLA. He has a wide variety of interests within the entertainment industry when it comes to movies, television, animation, video games, literature, and theater productions that give him a unique perspective on storytelling. When he isn’t writing, you can find Preston most likely deep in the rehearsal process for a new show he is in and dealing with the stereotypical college kid struggles. Follow his Instagram if you want occasional monthly updates on his rise to power. Instagram: @Preston_Fusci | View My Articles

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