A Rockin’ Tribute to The King | The Welk Resort Theatre

Long Live The King Of Rockin’ Roll! Iโ€™m sure that many of us have seen an Elvis impersonator at some point in our lives. Well, for the first time in my life…. I finally to saw one, in person, that could actually sing. At Welk Resort Theatre in Escondido, California I watched Scot Bruce and his band perform a concert of Elvis Presleyโ€™s most admired songs as well as some not so well known ones.

Upon entering the theatre I immediately felt out of place as I was the youngest person in the audience by at least 30 years, with the exception of a five year old in the front row. However, that did not stop my determination to find out just what exactly this Tribute to the King show was all about.

As the lights dimmed and the band came out, Scot Bruce rushed onto the stage singing ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ with energy that even Elvis probably didnโ€™t show. Probably because he was saving his energy for the dancing which, in turn, may have been Elvisโ€™ secret to performing. In which case, I apologize if I just exposed the secret. Regardless, Scot kept up the energy and did the Elvis leg shake throughout the entire performance. Within every song and every moment the legs would not stop. Even during slow songs. And something that baffled me was that despite all the leg shaking, the guitar swinging, and running around on the stage; he still managed to keep his hair looking good.

As the concert progressed, there were a few moments when Scot would share some fun facts about Elvisโ€™ career while the band would readjust their instruments and the stage lights would roam around the room. At this point, I could definitely see the experience Scot has in performing as he managed to play the crowd fairly well. From time to time someone would blurt something out, nothing rude or resembling heckling, and Scot would reply with a humorous quip. The audience would laugh, Scot continued with the performance, and stage lights would flash into my eyes blinding me briefly. We all had a good time.

Some of the best moments during the concert was seeing how absorbed some of the audience members got. There was a guy that clapped his hands so hard he hurt himself, a woman cried a little bit during some of the slow songs, and another guy shouted โ€œOh Elvis!โ€ every chance he got. Though, not everyone felt the same as the aforementioned three. Or at least did not express themselves in the same way. Upon glancing around, I could see that some of the people were there less for the performance and more for the music. Ever see those people that go to a show or concert, and look a little upset at other people in the audience for enjoying themselves a bit too much? Yeah, they come in every generation people.

Despite the jokes, I am happy to say that I had a good time. At no point did Scot falter, trip, or stumble. His voice did not crack, he didnโ€™t sound out of breath while singing, and his hair kept shape. Additionally, I have a bit of respect for Scot. In speaking with him briefly after the show he mentioned that he feels as though Elvis has become caricatured over the years and that his main goal for doing the show is to remind people of why Elvis is a legend. Granted, I cannot say that I am well versed on Elvis or his impersonators. But I can say, at the very least, that Scot Bruce definitely did a good job putting on a show. For anyone that is a fan of Elvis or just enjoys some good old well written songs from back in the day, then I suggest giving Scot Bruce a chance. You may not be disappointed.

This February, Scot hits the stage every Wednesday night at the Welk Resorts in Escondido! Feb 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th; @ 7pm. For tickets: call 888-802-7469 or visit welkresorts.com.

Musician / Actor Scot Bruce celebrates what made Elvis not only the King of Rock & Roll…. But the King of Cool! See the magic that made a generation swoon in the 1950’s and 60’s, before the white jumpsuit, sunglasses and the glitter of Vegas. Along with the his rockin’ 4 piece band, Bruce meticulously and respectfully recreates the electrifying musical excitment of Elvis in his prime…. right down to the vintage instruments, the hip ‘threads’ and the grease in the hair.

Dates: November 1, 2018 โ€“ February 24, 2019

Official Website: www.WelkResorts.com/San-Diego/Theatre

Social Media:

Official Website: www.ScotBruce.com

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