Aquaman by Krista B.

e15abb6c10bafb709b812b09b77d5533Aquaman has always been that superhero that many people have underestimated. In the DC Universe, there are so many heroes that have taken the spotlight like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash etc. There has never been an amazing standalone Aquaman film until the year 2018. Aquaman is an action-packed comedy built on the forbidden romance between the man from land and the queen of the sea. This film tells the story of how an outsider can overcome his insecurities and differences with others to become the hero he was born to be. Arthur, Aquaman (Jason Momoa), has always had trouble fitting in because he is half human and half Atlantean. Ever since he was a child he could not connect with those on the surface because he was different from the rest. He also never connected with the Atlanteans because they considered him impure.

The movie starts off with Tom (Temuera Morrison) finding the fallen queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) on the rocks of a lighthouse. She is seriously injured and Tom cares for her until she is fully healed and that is how their love story begins. Their interaction between one another was fun to watch because Atlanna was the definition of “a fish out of water”. She was unfamiliar with human customs like not eating pet goldfish. Tom not only healed Atlanna physically but he showed her that the human race isn’t as bad as the people of the sea were raised to believe. From their love, Arthur was born. Atlanna believed with every fiber of her being that their child was living proof that peace between both kinds can exist. He is the bridge between the two worlds that has always been separated. Unfortunately, their happy family was broken because Atlanna was betrothed to the King of Atlantis. After fiercely defending her family from the underwater soldiers sent to her home, Atlanna is forced to return to the sea in order to save the love of her life and their son.

Flash forward to the present and you see a submarine being attacked by pirates of the underwater sea. Arthur rushes the scene to save the day, pushing the submarine to the surface like an underwater Superman. He defeats the pirates and releases the imprisoned military men. Meanwhile, the leader (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) attacks Arthur and quickly loses. While the submarine begins to overflow with water and sink, the leader’s father is trapped under a heavy metal piece. The leader pleads with Arthur to save his father from certain death, but because they killed innocents the hero chooses to leave him instead. The father drowns and the leader is filled hate and becomes an enemy driven by revenge against Aquaman.

While Arthur is defending the people of the land, his half brother, King Orm (Patrick Wilson), is planning war with the surface. King Orm is a tyrant that hates the human race, mainly because a human was the reason why his mother was executed. His hatred towards the humans and his strong desire to bring war leads Mera (Amber Heard) to seek out Arthur for help. Because Arthur is the first born of Queen Atlanna that means that he is the rightful heir to the throne and she wishes for him to overthrow his half brother to stop the war from happening. Mera doesn’t want the war to happen because she is afraid of all the lives that will be lost on both ends. Arthur has no interest in the throne or the war that his half brother threatens. Since his mother was taken from him, Arthur has held a grudge against the Atlanteans. The hero promises Mera that if Orm wants a then he will show no mercy when he defends the land people.

King Orm on the other hand has put a lot of thought and effort into making this war happen. He needs all the kingdoms of the sea to unite in order for to attack the surface. What no one knows is that he has been secretly working with the leader of the pirates. In exchange for money and weapons, King Orm was able to stage a attack on the Atlanteans and framed the humans. This enraged the the other creatures of the sea, uniting them against the humans. A message is sent from the sea to the surface by sending all the waste and war ships the humans leave in the sea back to their land. Mera informs Arthur of his half brother’s threat and tells him that the worst is yet to come. The hero is forced to leave his home and enter the city of Atlantis and challenge his brother for the throne.

Arthur is unfortunately defeated in his fight against his half brother and before he is finished Mera rushes to his aide and helps him escape. Together they are on a mission to find the trident of King Atlan because whoever is worthy enough to wield the trident is king of the sea. Arthur needs the trident in order for the people of the sea to take him seriously because they view him as impure and he will be strong enough to defeat his half brother in battle. While they are searching for the trident King Orm gives the leader of the pirates the proper tools he needs to defeat his arch nemesis Aquaman, becoming Black Manta. The brothers face off for the last time except this time Arthur has the trident of King Atlan. Defeating the mad king Arthur shows his brother mercy, displaying why he deserves the throne.

Throughout the film the audience sees how Arthur becomes the hero that the people of both worlds need him to be. He doesn’t just defend one race, he fights for everyone and that is what makes him worthy to wield the trident. This action packed film tells the story of how a outsider who is the son of the land, becomes the king of the deep. Overall, it was a great solo film for a hero that not many people cared for compared to the great heroes of DC.


Release Date: December 21, 2018

Starring: Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Nicole Kidman, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Dolph Lundgren

Director: James Wan

Distributor: Warner Bros.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Superhero Fantasy, Science fiction

Audience: General Audience, All ages

Rating: PG-13

Runtime:143 min

Official Social Media Pages:

IMDB: @Aquaman(2018)

WikiLink: @AquamanFilm

References: @Aquaman

IMG_0917Krista Buligon | Marketing Intern
B.A. | Communications | San Diego Christian College
Hi! My name is Krista Buligon and I am a Senior at San Diego Christian College. I am a student athlete majoring in Communication with an emphasis in the Film and Media. I have always had a strong interest in all types of movies because they take me to another world. But my favorite places to go to are New York with a crazy spider kid saving the day, Gotham with a vigilante dressed as a bat fighting a penguin or joker, the wizarding world of Hogwarts with a kid with a scar on his head fighting “He Who Shall Be Named”, or a galaxy far far away with jedi knights battling sith lords with colorful lightsabers. My friends always laugh and call me a super nerd for loving any forms of science fiction but those movies shape me into who I am today. When I am not on the basketball court or working at In N Out Burger I am either on my couch watching movies or writing for fun. I hope that after I graduate I can turn my writing hobby into a career and impact others the way movies have always impacted me. Instagram: @PrincessKrista11 | View My Project

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