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Gala-banner-crop-666x381The Hallmark Channel has premiered it’s 6th season for When Calls The Heart. In this first episode, we see signs of progression from being able to manage work and home responsibilities, owning property/businesses and anticipating the newest technology, the telephone. It’s interesting to see how the lives of the characters change along with the environment around them for a new modern world as we all go through with today’s new sets of technologies and ideals way of living. One thing that stood out to in the first episode is how important it is to tell kids that they can decide their own future regardless of their current situation. Elizabeth encourages and helps Laura to think about college and her future by helping her get into a school. This moment is powerful because it relates to people by sending a message that people can decide their own destiny and futures. The current situation, fears, and lack of things shouldn’t prevent someone from trying to reach their goals in life.

During the 2019 Movieguide Awards, we interviewed the producers of When Calls the Heart Brian Bird and Brad Krevoy.

Host: Ok, I love you guys. Ok, awesome. Brian and Brad, okay. Machelle Noel here from the 2019 Movieguide Awards joining me right now is two special folks at When Calls the Heart. I have Brian Bird and Brad Krevoy, okay, and they’re here to showcase When Calls the Heart. First of all, congratulations of your success here and also doing to Movieguide Awards. Can you give us a little teaser about what to expect from this next season?

Brian: Well, next season six is coming in February 24th, Sunday night at 8 o’clock on the Hallmark channel and it continues to get go strong. The show uh Christmas night, we had nearly 5 million people watching our Christmas movie, which was huge because we broke a lot of hearts in the finale of season five show. But, a lot of healing came, a lot more hope is coming so

Host: Especially with the birth of the new child coming up-

Brian: You got it. You know the show.

Host: Oh I know the show and I know you, oh and your books and everything so I am really excited. So now given the fact they were at the movie guide awards, how much is this particular event means to you guys?

Brad: Go ahead Brian.

Brian: Okay. Well you know its always an honor to be to be recognized. I mean ultimately we want the fans to love us the Hearties who loved the show um, but to be honored by you know your peers and the business, is always an honor, and a thrill, and it you know we’ve been on for six seasons and we’re finally I think we’re finally reaching sort of a tipping point everywhere I go. I don’t know if its like this for you brad, but people talk about the show now everywhere I go.

Host: How do you deal with those hearties? I mean that fanbase is like wow, its like you know what I mean

Brian: Well we made a few hearties after the season 5 but but i think most of them are sticking with us because you know we dealt with some real life stuff in uh season 5 but but the show is still all about happy endings and hope and so that continues, and we’re turning up turning a new chat a new page on a new chapter in Hope Valley and so-

Host: I mean the show started off you know with sadness and then you know hope came and now we have another tragedy that came in but they so that  like how those people came around and helped her

Brian: In real life, stuff happens. Right? But that doesn’t mean you lose your hope, right, you kind of get through things and so we feel that way about our show and about the storytelling and we’re hopeful for our uh more seasons to come.

Host: Oh I’m sure you guys will. Especially those special things you guys are throwing once in a while, I love that. And then what inspirational quote or biblical wisdom do you guys live by every day?

Brian: You know what I love uh a uh a term or a phrase a piece of truth that we used in season one and it still applies to when calls the heart where God guides God provides. He’s done that in for the characters in Hope Valley and he’s done that for us as partners on the show and and its hard to make a show. It really is. It’s hard to make a show that people like. And uh to find an audience and to reach an audience like we have is probably the biggest thrill of my life I mean I-

Host: All of our channel being the perfect audience through it for you guys as well

Brian: Absolutely.

Host: what advice do you have for filmmakers who want to go into the industry knowing that you know how crazy Hollywood can be?

Brad: I’ll leave that one for you Brian.

Brian: Well I have a really good piece of advice for new voices, my new new writers, directors, actors, you know producers, art directors, composers, whoever, right, you might think you’re God’s gift to the world, and maybe you are, but you need to find three people, who have earned a right to have an opinion to confirm that. Right, because if its just you, you may or may not  have what it takes, but if you find three champions, people who have been to the wars, right, they’re scarred up, they’ve been in this business and they’ve worked hard and they’ve earned the right to have an opinion. You can find three people to tell you that you’re that you’re good and you’d belong here, then you have to go for it. Right, you have to it would be uh cheating the world not to go for it. But, get find three people who you trust, who the industry trusts to say you’re that you’re you’re gifted and then you go for it.

Host: I love it. Wow. I didn’t expect that to be such an educational and informative interview. Thank you guys so much, Brad and Brian, and be sure to catch When Calls the Heart. I’m sure it’s coming back in the Spring.

Brian: It’s coming back.

Host: It’s coming back

Brian: It’s coming back in two weeks

Host: In two weeks. We are still in Spring right now.

Brian: April 24th

Host: April 24th!

Brian: Season 6 premiere

Host: Season 6, awesome. I’m Machelle Noel and uh 2019 Movieguide Awards and hopefully we see you next time. Bye bye!

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