Elias Harger & Michael Champion

Gala-banner-crop-666x381Everywhere you look, you may find a familiar face at the 2019 Movieguide Awards. Presented by the Hallmark Channel and hosted by Candance Cameron Bure from Fuller House, this ongoing 30-year award show recognizes the most wholesome and family-friendly media from films and television. This year saw many familiar faces from Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse to The Incredibles 2, to God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness to Netflix’s Daredevil.

With many celebrities and writers from around the Hollywood scene, the Movieguide awards hopes to help acknowledge and encourage family friendly and faith-based material to become more prolific in our modern media landscape. With a variety of nominations such as the “Epiphany Prize to Most Inspiring Movie “or the “Faith & Freedom Award for TV”, alongside others, this show is perfect for faith-based groups and families looking for wholesome entertainment.

GeekRockTV was on the carpet this year, with an exclusive interview below. We interviewed Elias Harger & Michael Champion from the hit Netflix series Fuller House; talking about their favorite films, advice to make it into show business, alongside discussing what they would do with if given the chance to write upcoming season 5.

Host: Why are you guys really here at the movie rewards?

Elias: Well, we are going to be presenting an award today-2; and yeah that’s really exciting. I have never presented an award today, (or) ever, so that is really exciting.

Host: Do you guys know what you are presenting? Do you know yet?

Michael: I don’t think I should actually know the categories, but we didn’t do a rehearsal for this.

Host: Is there any movies that you are rooting for?

Michael: Actually, we are presenting the award for – oh shoot! I was literally about to give away the award. Holy cow, I just caught myself. (Michelle covers Michael’s mouth) Oh my goodness!

Host: It’s ok, don’t worry! No worries!

Laughs are shared as the interview continues. Michael composes himself and continues…

Host: Well, there actually was one I have seen on the roster that I enjoyed very much. And that was Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. It is one of my favorite movies of all time.

Elias: A few days ago actually, me and my family sat down and watched the Peter Rabbit show. And I heard that was on the roster too – I loved that show and really hope that one wins.

Host: You guys have good taste. Now giving the fact that we are at the MovieGuide awards, it is all about inspiring people, what inspirational words of advice do you have for kids at your age and who wants to get in the industry?

Elias: Be yourself, really. And stay in your own community first. Do everything you can in your own community before (sic) jumping straight here or anywhere else that you think you can get a lot of jobs.

Host: You are wise beyond your years. (To Michael) How about yourself?

Michael: I would have to agree with him. I start off very small in a community theatre and that got me acting experience to get into something like this. Like you said, a lot of kids want to, you know, jump into something of course. I wouldn’t recommend it for sure, (but) it is a lot of fun. If you want to get into acting, start small and than work your way up.

Host: What can we expect from this season?

Michael: Season 4 ended with Timmy’s baby and we are going to see a lot more of that, obviously.

Elias: (Correcting) Stephanie’s baby

Michael: Oh right, sorry- Stephanie’s baby! (Laughs) So obviously that is gonna be a very big storyline. We haven’t started filming and we don’t know anything until the week we actually start filming. We don’t know any storylines, so I would give a little something. But we honestly don’t know yet.

Host: If you had a chance, what would you personally like to play with the storyline?

Elias: I personally would like Max to take on a bullying thing. Whether that is cyber or physical or any kind of bullying. Seriously any kind of bullying could work. (Sic) It could really be a storyline that carries a lot and it is a very pertinent thing today.

Host: Any social issues to help people out there, because you know you guys are the light out of the darkness out there. You guys have a wonderful gift and thank you for sharing that gift. Thank you also for being here, you guys.

Michael: Thanks!

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