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Gala-banner-crop-666x381When viewing or attending any type of award ceremony, it is easy to see across the many faces of the participants the many emotions that take place. If I could label the one emotion that was emanating from Jack Wagner’s interview, it would be calm. Jack Wagner is an American singer and actor best known for his roles on the soap operas General Hospital, Santa Barbara, The Bold and the Beautiful, and When Calls the Heart. With plethora of roles and experience, Wagner’s most famous role was that of Frisco Jones from General Hospital which aired from 1983 to 2013.

During the interview, Wagner just seemed overly calm; as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Or better yet, as if he was just there to have a good time as he was there to present a participant award to Bill Abbott and Michelle Vicary and root for the film The Star Is Born.

Wagner also gave out a strong bit of advice for any filmmaker or actor that is trying to get into the industry which is that one should always have a good idea of what they are doing upon entering Hollywood and make sure that they are prepared. He mentioned that before he went to Hollywood he had went to drama school, so by the time he had gotten into Hollywood despite feeling frightened he felt prepared. In addition to this advice, he suggested that anyone trying to the get into the industry should obtain as much experience as they can wherever they can. Wise words indeed.

Wagner also gave us a bit of news to look forward to by informing us on some upcoming projects, such as The Wedding March 5 and season 7 of When Calls The Heart. In addition, Jack informs us on his opinion on the series by and that “…the writing has gotten better and we really…we’re all really invested into the show.”


Host: Machelle Noel here from the 2019 Movieguide Awards, and joining me right now is Jack Wagner. Jack thank you so much for being on our show today. And thank you so much for being at the movieguide awards.

Jack: My pleasure.

Host: So what brings you out here tonight? Congratulations by the way on your nomination for When Calls The Heart.

Jack: Oh thank you. Yeah, it’s exciting. I’m here to present an achievement award to Bill Abbott and Michelle Vicary, so that’s why I’m here.

Host: And is there any particular movies that you’re kind of rooting for? Was there anything in particular that you enjoyed this year?

Jack: Yeah, you know, I’m kind of a…I love The Star Is Born. I just love those two performers and…I don’t know, I kind of relate to that storyline a lot, so that would be my favorite.

Host: That was a really good animated movie. I agree with that. And is there any inspirational advice you’d give out to filmmakers and actors who want to be in this industry?

Jack: Well, I always think that you should know what you are doing. Like, you should have a little foundation no matter what your choice is, so…you know, I came to Hollywood pretty prepared, you know, I had gone to drama school etcetera. So, I didn’t feel like I was…you know, frightened. I felt like I was ready, so I always suggest that people, you know, try to get as much experience as they can wherever they can.

Host: And is there any upcoming projects that you can share about? Whether it’s your music or any other Hallmark movies maybe?

Jack: Yeah, we just going start production of The Wedding March 5. Josie Bissett and myself. In the beginning April. And then into When Calls The Heart season 7.

Host: Did you ever expect that it would turn into a series? Like, that was just like, it was one of our favorites, but it’s like wow what a cult following you guys have there.

Jack: Yeah. No, it’s pretty amazing. And I think the writing has gotten better and we’re really…we’re all very invested into the show.

Host: Oh man, was such a huge fan of you on Bold And The Beautiful. I’m so glad that you’re here tonight. So from the 2019 Movieguide Awards, I’m Machelle Noel with Jack Wagner, and hopefully, we’ll see you guys next time.

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