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Gala-banner-crop-666x381Jean Smart is an Emmy award winner who is mostly known for her role in Sweet Home Alabama, The Accountant, and FX’s Legion. She won the Grace Award for the most inspiring performance for TV due to her role in Hallmark’s A Shoe Addict’s Christmas. Next to Jon Voight, Jean Smart also presented the winner for the Grace Award for inspiring performance in movies at the 27th Annual Movieguide Awards, which took place February 8th 2019 and aired on February 25th on the Hallmark Channel.

Jean Smart was excited and nervous to present an award alongside Jon Voight. She had never met him before the event and she very excited. Who wouldn’t be? She had great advice to give to aspiring filmmakers and actors stating that you’ve got to believe in yourself no matter what. She is, of course, right! She announced that she is wrapping up the FX series Legion and to be on the lookout for her next upcoming project Watchmen, which will premiere on HBO. She is definitely a busy woman.

The stars nominated alongside Jean Smart for the Grace Award were Emily Watson (Little Women), Henry Simmons (Marvel’s Agents of Shield), Chloe Bennet (Marvel’s Agents of Shield), Joanne Whalley (Daredevil), Candance Cameron (A Shoe Addict’s Christmas), and Lori Loughlin (When Calls The Heart: The Greatest Christmas). But only one person could win, and Jean Smart took the award home! During her acceptance speech Jean talked about the message she gives her kids, “You’re the only person who can decide what person you’re going to be.” She also added that, “There is no delete button on your brain.” She is indeed a woman to look up to.

This 27th Annual Movieguide awards was hosted by Candance Cameron (Full House) and it featured stars such as Neil McDonough (Project Blue Book), Elias Harger and Michael Campion (Fuller House), and Brenan Elliot (Hallmark Channel). Besides the nomination for best inspiring performance for TV, nominations included: Grace Award for most inspiring performance for movies, best movie for mature audiences, best movie for families, faith and freedom award for TV, faith and freedom award for movies, and Epiphany Prize to the most inspiring TV program of 2018. It was night filled with excitement and stellar moments that brought about hope and inspiration. Many stars besides Jean offered their words of strength and encouragement to those looking to make a career in the film industry, which is what I loved about the entire award show. It was definitely an uplifting night. My top people who I absolutely loved seeing were Neil McDonough (Project Blue Book) and Penny Johnson Gerald (The Orville). Neil is my all-time favorite villan because no one can do it like he does. And I was start struck at seeing Penny Johnson Gerald whom I loved in Castle. My top mentioned movies were Unbroken: A Path to Redemption because of the message of strength and hope it gives. As well as The Incredibles 2 nominated for Faith and Freedom award and best for families movies because the first movie was in my childhood and it was about time we got the second. The 2019 Movieguide awards was a celebration of faith to remember.

Host: Thank you!

Jean Smart: Thank you! Aren’t you freezing you poor thing!

Host: I am cold! I bet you’re cold too.

Jean Smart: You need a shawl or something.

Host: I tried, I didn’t know we were going to have this real estate space but oh well!

Jean Smart: Is this working? Hello? Hello?

Host: Yes, hello, hello. Michelle Noelle over at the 2019 Movieguide awards joining me right now is the most beautiful actress that I love Jean Smart.

Jean Smart: Aww, thank you.

Host: I just saw you the other day on A Shoe Addict’s Christmas. Oh my God.

Jean Smart: That was so much fun!

Host: I loved that movie! That was probably one of my favorite Hallmark movies of all time now.

Jean Smart: Oh, thank you! We’ve had a really good time, we got very silly.

Host: Now given the fact that we’re here at the Movieguide awards so what brings you out here tonight?

Jean Smart: Well, I guess the movie’s nominated!

Host: you’re nominated, that’s right! Congratulations.

Jean Smart: And I’m a presenter.

Host: Awesome! Do you know what you’re presenting?

Jean Smart: With Jon Voight, I’m very excited! I’ve never met him. I’m very excited.

Host: He’s really knowledgeable. He knows stuff.

Jean Smart: I’m sure.

Host: Wow, we had like an intellectual conversation. I’m like, “Oh my gosh, we can go on forever talking!”

Jean Smart: Oh good.

Host: Is there anyone in particular you’re rooting for?

Jean Smart: Oh, gosh! No! I’m just here because it sounds like a fun event and I’m anxious to see Cameron, I mean Candance- ah Cameron- again and uh our producers and you know.

Host: Yeah, what does this particular award show tonight mean to you?

Jean Smart: (inaudible)

Host: Oh, that’s ok. There’s a few of us that are like ok, ok, I’ll help. Ok, what inspirational advice do you have for filmmakers and actors who want to get into this industry?

Jean Smart: Oh gosh! As hard as it can be sometimes you gotta believe in yourself. Not listen to other people, not always trying to please other people or be something that you’re not and try not to take no for answer in a really nice way.

Host: Ok, that’s a really good one. I like that. That was really well said. Do you have any other future projects that we should be out on the lookout for you?

Jean Smart: I am finishing up my last episode of Legion.

Host: Yup.

Jean Smart: And right now, I’m right in the middle of shooting a new HBO series called Watchmen. Which will be out, I think in the fall I’m not sure.

Host: Is that like comic related?

Jean Smart: No, no.

Host: No, it’s not related? That’s another thing.

Jean Smart: No.

Host: ok, no worries. Well Jean thank you so much for being here tonight.

Jean Smith: From the 2019 Movieguide awards I’m Michelle Noelle. Hope to see you guys next time!

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