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Gala-banner-crop-666x381Academy Award winner Jon Voight presented the winner for the Grace Award for most inspiring performance for movies at the Movieguide awards 2019 brought to you by The Hallmark Channel alongside Jean Smart. You will most likely recognize him from movies like National Treasure, Anaconda, and Deliverance just to name a few. His most upcoming project is Roe V. Wade. The Movieguide Awards took place on February 8th, 2019 and were aired on February 25th on the Hallmark Channel

Jon Voight spoke about the reason he attended the Movieguide Awards, and that is to celebrate the amazing people who are making such inspirational films. He offered his wisdom to children who might be interested in pursuing a career in the film business stating that everyone has a purpose hidden in them and all they’ve got to do is start the adventure of figuring out what it is. And then they stick to their guns and figure out what it is they are naturally good at and love. His wisdom is definitely welcomed! He also spoke about his upcoming movie Roe V. Wade and how controversial it is going to be, and everyone should watch it when it hits theaters.

The nominees he presented for the Grace award included: David A.R White (God’s Not Dead: A Light in The Darkness), Dennis Quaid (I Can Only Imagine), J. Michael Finley (I Can Only Imagine), James Faulker (Paul, Apostle of Christ), Jim Caviezel Paoul, Apostle of Christ, John Karasinski (A Quiet Place), Samuel Hunt (Unbroken: Path to Redemption), Meritt Patterson Unbroken: Path to Redemption). The winner was DING DING DING Jim Caviezel. When he presented, he stated, “We are all made in God’s image.”

This year’s Movieguide awards was hosted by Candance Cameron (Full House) and it brought together some really recognizable faces like Neil McDonough (Project Blue Book), Elias Harger and Michael Campion (Fuller House), and Brenan Elliot (Hallmark Channel). Besides the nomination for best inspiring performance for Movies, nominations included: Grace Award for most inspiring performance for TV, best movie for mature audiences, best movie for families, faith and freedom award for TV, faith and freedom award for movies, and Epiphany Prize to the most inspiring TV program of 2018. Faith and excitement were in the air. I loved just how many celebrities spread hope, courage and advise to those who are coming into the profession or are already in it. It was definitely an inspiring night. One of my favorite nominated films was Unbroken: A Path to Redemption because of the message of strength and hope it gives. As well as The Incredibles 2 nominated for Faith and Freedom award and best for families movies because the first movie was in my childhood and it was about time we got the second. The 2019 Movieguide awards was a night to remember. 

Host: Machelle Noelle here at the 2019 Movieguide Awards joining me right now is legendary actor Jon Voight. Oh my God, I’m so excited you know I just came here for you just so you now, I waited all night for you.

Jon Voight: Of course, of course.

Host: I’m probably the last person here who’s interviewing you which is awesome. So Jon, what brings you here today?

Jon Voight: What’s your name?

Host: Michelle. Yeah, what brings you out here tonight?

Jon Voight: Well, what brings me here? I know these people, they’re really nice people, the films that they’re making are very important. Big family film and films about charcter and morality-


Jon Voight: Big, big deal. I’m here to celebrate them.

Host:Is it your first time here? You’ve been here before, right?

Jon Voight: I’ve been to, you know, yeah.


Jon Voight: I’ve been connected but not recently.

Host: Ok, awesome. Now, given the fact that we’re at the Movieguide awards what inspirational wisdom do you have for folks that want to get into filmmaking or acting? Since we’re all about inspiration here?

Jon Voight: Well, I would say that every child has some purpose hidden, it’s like an adventure, it’s like you know, a treasure search, right? Your treasure is your purpose in life and you get all sorts of clues to where that treasure, is you know? Like, you see a child and they’ll be doing something, let’s say silly, and they do it because they’ve learned that if they do that silly thing, they make you laugh, little kids.

Host: Yeah.

Jon Voight: And then they like it and little, by little they become entertainers, right?


Jon Voight: Or, you see a child that loves, loves numbers. They just love game with numbers, and they can spend hours doing some kind of- they’re in a meditating state I’ll tell you that. And you say, “Oh that person, that is an amazing person, and that person can be an engineer or could be who knows an astronaut or who know, whatever it is, you never know. But anyways, there’s all sorts of clues towards your purpose and I say to anybody to anybody out there I say, “See what you love, what are the things you naturally do? And those will give you a clue to what you’ll be happiest in life doing.”

Host: That’s true. Exactly.

Jon Voight:

Host: It’s true because with filmmaking and acting it’s a whole different world. It is hard to persuade people to pursue it but it’s true.

Jon Voight:Well you shouldn’t push anybody. No, no, you don’t push anybody. They’ll tell you if they want to do it.

Host: Exactly.

Jon Voight:Let them tell you and then back them up if that’s what they want to do. Because you never know, it might not be exactly what they think initially. They get excited, I want to do this, and then they find, you know maybe I want to be a stage manager, you know or something like that they’ll find a related field or, you know, and then they’ll be energized.

Host: Now, what future projects-

Jon Voight:Then when you find that- children, then what you want to do is find a way to contribute to society dear to your country to your neighbors, to the world from that gift.

Host: I believe, it’s like double standards you know. They can pursue it, we should to you know, I like that a lot. What future projects can we look out for you in the future?

Jon Voight: Well, I’ve done, I’m in this movie that’s about Roe V. Wade. So it’s going to be very controversial.

Host: Oh yeah.

Jon Voight: Only until they see it they’re just going to get a lot of information. It’s  going to be a focus on the history of how things thing happened. So nobody know it, everybody is shouting and they don’t know what it is about so go see it and you go through it and see if you can find your way where you stand.

Host:Yeah, especially I mean it’s such a controversial topic and Trump talked about it and the whole political situation so it’s really good that you’re going to be a part of that project. Can you give us a background of how this whole thing originated?

Jon Voight: Let’s all go see it and then we can all talk after.

Host:yeah, I like that. Jon! Thank you so much for being here-

Jon Voight:Are you kidding me, I couldn’t believe that I was going to get this chance.


Jon Voight: Thank you so much here from GeekrockTV. I’m Michelle Noelle hope to see you next time!

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