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Gala-banner-crop-666x381The Movieguide 2019 awards has honored some of the popular films in pop culture to recognize them for sharing amazing stories. The Hallmark Channel is known for sharing and creating stories so the whole family can enjoy. One of my favorite movies I have seen is Incredibles 2. I fell in love with the first move and the second movie is relatable to people like myself who are studying media studies and mass communications. The media is powerful and can be used to share good things. Social media and technology are a huge part of pop culture and in our lives. Our interviews with Lawrence and Gregory Zarian do mention how social media is one of the form of media’s we see every day. They discussed that Film and TV have also shared amazing stories of everyone. Everyone has a voice and story to share. Everyone matters. It’s also important with what someone takes away from the stories they see, leading them to take actions to connect with others. They also mention how God is important to their lives and how important it is to rely on God. Kindness and Love are also something that they both express to be important, to be kind to others and express how Love is Love.

Host: Machelle Noel here at the 2019 Movieguide Awards and joining me right now is one of my wonderful people over at Home & Family, Gregory and Lawrence.

Lawrence: Actually, that’s the twin thing.

Host: Oh no!

Lawrence: I’m Lawrence and this is Gregory, yeah.

Host: I’m so close.

Lawrence: But it happens every day and every night.

Host: Welcome guys at the Movieguide awards! What brings you guys over here?

Gregory: We’re here to celebrate movies and film. It’s all about faith and God and love and uh, as we say often love is love. Period.

Lawrence: I mean think about it. Movies, film, faith and one of my favorite- One of our favorites saying it let go and let God, whenever you’re struck, whenever you struggle. I take a moment and think, ‘What Would God do?’ God always does the right thing.

Host: Amen

Lawrence: And if there’s a lesson to be learned, you learn the lesson. You learn, you listen, and everything needs to come from a place of love.

Host: Amen! Preach brother Preach! I love it!

Gregory: I kinda wanna hug him right now.

Host: We’re going to talk about fashion in a second but given the fact we’re at the Movieguide Awards, is there any particular movies you guys are rooting for?

Lawrence: You know we were actually talking about that on the way here. And no, you know what. It’s such a party where everybody’s being celebrated tonight. And you know, the one thing that we’re celebrating is just a group of people coming together. To celebrate the… same belief: God.

Gregory: And movies you know, they’re about telling a story and changing lives. And once you see-

Lawrence: Educating!

Gregory: And once you see the movie, what are you taking with you to do something different? Maybe clean up things that weren’t completed. Um, say thank you and please. Make a phone call to somebody you haven’t talked to in a very long time. So just about, changing and doing something different.

Lawrence: And I think you know what, we were just asked this question. You know, what sort of message would we give to somebody listening. Everybody matters. Everybody has a voice. Everybody’s choice might not be what other people choose. But what you do in your house, who you are, the way you celebrate life, if you come from a place of kindness and love, it’s your house and what stays in your house is your house. Love is Love, and everybody has a choice to love who they want.

Host: Well here’s a question for you guys. How has this industry enhanced your life professionally as well as spiritually?

Gregory: Thank You and Please. Two words that people don’t say as much, Thank You and Please. And gratitude and being kind. I think social media has changed people’s view of being… of kindness…. (Be more kind to others)

Lawrence: Television, Film, as we’re seeing more so than ever, social media. Everybody has a voice. And every life matters. And I love the fact that film and television is celebrating everybody’s life, and how we all are important, how we all have a say and… and how we live, and you might do something I might not believe in. Or, somebody else might do something I might not believe in. But if it comes from a place of kindness and love and strength, live your life. Give it to God, and we all matter.

Host: You know, this is so. I’m like-I’m so mesmerized. I’ve been watching you guys in Home & the Family a lot. I didn’t expect this from you guys for some strange reason. But let’s go ahead and bring it back to Home & Family. Fashion, How am I doing tonight?

Lawrence: Gorgeous. Gorgeous in Gray. Gorgeous in Gray.

Host: I have been taking notes. I love your segments.

Lawrence: Aw, that means a lot to me. And our viewers are so instrumental in what I do. So, I… as I always say, my job is because of you.

Host: Aww.

Lawrence: As long as I’m continuing to educate and do it in a fun- I’ve got the best job in the world. Best job in the world. And… if I can do one thing every day, that makes somebody feel something: pretty, better, whatever it is, then my job is done.

Gregory: And who’s your favorite male model?

Lawrence: Who’s my biggest fan? My twin brother Gregory.

Host: Thank You so much for being here.

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