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Gala-banner-crop-666x381Paul Greene is a Canadian actor who is well known for his role as attorney Benjamin Gray in the show Wicked Wicked Games. Greene has since guest starred within other shows such as The Wedding Bells, My Own Worst Enemy, and NCIS. However, his most notable role is that of Dr. Carson Shepard from the well-known TV drama When Calls The Heart.

Paul Greene mentioned that he heard that When Calls The Heart was nominated for an award. In addition to this, he he was there to meet up with Candice Cameron as well as showed some interest in meeting with Brandon Bird as well. Greene seemed very excited by this aspect as his face lit up with pride behind the show and the all-star cast within it.

From there, he gives us valuable advice for those that wish to make it in the industry which is “Be yourself.” Most people tend to dismiss this kind of advice as not practical or feel as though it is not really advice in the first place. But Paul Greene is living proof that it can be as valuable as any characteristic needed to succeed. In addition to this, Greene gives us a different perspective on getting into the industry which is dealing with rejection. Greene emphasizes that never giving up is key as he mentions that he had been rejected six hundred thirty times, but kept going at it before he got the thirty yesses that he needed to have a successful career.

Afterwards, Greene gives us an overview on some upcoming projects which consist of two films that he will be producing, an album, and a book that would be releasing in March. This goes to show that with hard work and dedication, one can achieve exactly what they want to do. Greene gives the appearance of a determined man that is moving along and getting things done.

Host: Hi everybody! The 2019 Movieguide Awards. Joining right now is Paul Greene. Paul thank you so much for being on our show tonight.

Paul: You’re welcome.

Host: We’re such a huge fan of your work over at the Hallmark Channel, so what brings you out here tonight at the movie guide awards?

Paul: Well, when I heard Candice Cameron was going to be here I was pretty excited.

Host: She probably just brought all her posse and entourage and like, “let’s go guys!”

Paul: Yeah…and we did a film together a couple years ago. And, you know, I heard that our show was nominated.

Host: Ok.

Paul: So, I heard it from the Movieguide folks, so I’m assuming it’s true.

Host: That’s awesome. Which movie is it? Because there’s so many of you.

Paul: When Calls The Heart.

Host: Oh yeah yeah of course.

Paul: So this series is nominated for…family…some sort of…

Host: Something family…

Paul: I was told there was going to be an award.

Host: OK. I interviewed Brian Bird. I think…

Paul: Tonight?

Host: Yeah, I did. He was here.

Paul: He was here?

Host: He was here.

Paul: Was or is?

Host: He was here. I have on tape. For sure.

Paul: Ok. Brian Bird.

Host: I’ll send you a twitter note on that. And then you play a doctor on the show. For those folks who are not familiar with When Calls The Heart, which is impossible, for those unhearties out there I should say; can you tell them a little bit about what this particular show is about?

Paul: Yes. It’s a small town in 1911 where everybody really takes care of each other. And it’s called hope valley. And so, I play a doctor on the show. And there’s a teacher who’s from the city who comes out to the country and it’s, you know, there’s about ten of us leads on the cast. And…big cast. And it’s on Hallmark Channel every Sunday night. And we’re..

Host: Jack Wagner, Lori Loughlin

Paul: That’s right.

Host: I mean you got an all-star cast there. I love watching the show.

Paul: Well, I’m glad you like it.

Host: You have no idea. Now…given the fact that we’re at the Movieguide awards, we’re all about inspiration. What inspirational advice do you have for folks who want to get into this industry, both for actors and filmmakers?

Paul: Ah, well, be yourself. And…when someone says no…instead of taking it as a no you just go, “ok. How am I going to do this?” because like I said just earlier I’ve been on six hundred and sixty auditions and I’ve had six hundred and thirty nos.

Host: Wow. That really puts it in a different perspective.

Paul: Thirty yesses and I have a great career.

Host: Ok, well speaking of those yesses, what are your next upcoming projects that you can share about?

Paul: Well, there’s a film, there’s like a thriller film we’re working on and there’s two films that…we’re producing.

Host: Ok.

Paul: And I have an album and a book that’s releasing in March.

Host: Cool.

Paul: Yeah.

Host: Awesome. Man, Paul, you got this show on the road here. I love it.

Paul: I’m busy.

Host: oh, hopefully you’ll get like a nomination for a Grammy. You never know.

Paul: Who knows?

Host: You never know.

Paul: You never know.

Host: Wow. Paul. Thank you so much for being here. It was such a pleasure meeting you. And it was worth the wait. From the 2019 Movieguide awards, I’m Machelle Noel with Paul Greene. Hopefully we’ll see you guys next time.

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