Spensha Baker

Gala-banner-crop-666x381Our first interview at the Movieguide Awards was with the talented Spensha Baker who is best known for coming in fourth place in the fourteenth season of the popular TV show The Voice. Spensha Baker is a singer and songwriter that started at a very young age when she appeared as a contestant on Star Search in 2004 for. Since then, she continued to sing and has made a number of singles that started from gospel music which later evolved into country.

From the start, Spensha flowed into the interview with an energetic and positive attitude as she joked, laughed, and smiled the entire time she shared her thoughts with us. Baker informed us that she is not only there to present some awards for a couple of movies along-side a good looking person, but was also performing the song ‘Hollow’ by Tori Kelly. Due to the theme of the Movieguide Awards being faith, Spensha mentions that Tori Kelly as a universal artist and that to her the song has a faith based meaning. In addition, Spensha informs us just how much loves that the theme is faith and how happy she is to take part in an event that is celebrating it as she mentions how that “…it’s been such a motivating factor in my career and my life.”

Afterward, we dug a little deeper into her personality to find what kind of movies Baker enjoys as she mentioned that the movie she was rooting for was the film Mission Impossible starring Tom Cruise; further proceeding with stating how much she loves Tom Cruise. On that note, Tom Cruise, if you’re reading this please note that we would love to have you for an interview.

Baker then proceeds to share her views on how she got to where she is today and shows some pride in how unique it is to be an African American female singing country music. She also mentions that one of the biggest inspirational pieces of wisdom that she has lived by was the saying from her own mother “whatever you look at longest becomes strongest.” She breaks down the meaning of this bit by bit and how it has always stuck with her. In addition, Spensha provides her own bit of wisdom and advice to those that are interested in getting into the industry by throwing a bit of realism into the picture, which is that “it takes work.”

Host: Hey everyone Machelle Noel here at the 2019 Movieguide Awards celebrating the top inspirational and uplifting films with the stars at the red carpet.

Host: Oh you look fabulous yourself.

Spensha: Oh my gosh. You know, I try to keep it simple today.

Host: I tried too. But it didn’t work out.

Spensha: I think it did work out.

Host: I didn’t want to stand out, but it did.

Spensha: It worked out.

Host: Ok. So it’s Spensha Baker.

Spensha: Yes, you said that perfectly.

Host: Well, I am a fan. Ok.

Spensha: Like, “Spen sha money.” Like “Spen sha time.”

Host: “Spen sha money.” There you go. I like that.

Spensha: Yeah, just things to…

Host: Your mom already thought it over. That’s awesome.

Spensha: There it is.

Host: Ok, the 2019 Movieguide Awards. Joining me right now is Spensha Baker. Girl, thank you so much for being here.

Spensha: Hi. Thank you for having me. I’m very excited to be here.

Host: I was a huge fan of yours on The Voice.

Spensha: Thank you.

Host: Congratulations for making it that far.

Spensha: I, you know what, that was a wild ride. I’m telling you.

Host: Yeah, I bet.

Spensha: I don’t think I’ll ever experience anything like it. But it was fun. I also got to work with America’s favorite cowboy too, so…

Host: That’s true, I mean, you can’t go wrong with Blake.

Spensha: That was…that was the highlight.

Host: That’s awesome. I mean…so you’re performing tonight.

Spensha: I am. And presenting.

Host: And presenting.

Spensha: I’m working.

Host: Ok, so we have questions. So what are you performing tonight?

Spensha: I am singing Hollow by Tori Kelly, which is a really, you know, she’s a really universal artist, and so…you know, to me it has faith based meanings, so I think people will get that out of it. Yeah.

Host: That’s awesome. And what are you presenting?

Spensha: …The awards for two movies. I mean, they’re really popular movies and they’re really good movies that I’ve seen and I’m also presenting with someone who’s really good looking, so there you go.

Host: Awesome. Now is there any particular movies you’re rooting for tonight?

Spensha: You know, to be honest with you, Mission Impossible, but that’s just because I love Tom Cruise.

Host: Oh yeah.

Spensha: It’s fine.

Host: It’s ok. That’s an exception we’ll make. No worries.

Spensha: I mean, kind of no brainer. I love you Tom Cruise.

Host: No, we love you too. Hopefully you’ll be on our show. Thanks to her.

Spensha: Exactly.

Host: So given the fact that we’re at the Movieguide awards, what does this particular event mean to you?

Spensha: Well, I love the theme is faith…because it’s been such a motivating factor in my career and my life…so I’m glad to be, you know, a part of something that’s celebrating that and to be in great company as well and that we’re celebrating films with great messages and I’ve never been a part of anything like this, so this is really fun for me.

Host: So this is your fist time too?

Spensha: This is my first time.

Host: And also, I mean, you started off as a gospel singer so…

Spensha: I did. And I took the evolution into country music.

Host: Good for you girl. I love that.

Spensha: It’s interesting to be a young, you know, African American female in country music and it’s something that’s uncommon and I’m excited to see where it takes me.

Host: Now what inspirational quote or biblical wisdom do you live by everyday?

Spensha:…That is a great question.

Host: I know, it’s a little…

Spensha: I want to say something that my mom always tells me. She’s been telling me since I was little. Whatever you look at longest becomes strongest. So we…it’s about evaluating “what are you staring at in your life. Is it your dreams? Is it your purpose? Is it your goals? And if that is the thing that you’re staring at and focusing on then that is the thing that will come to pass. If it’s anything else, then expect those things to come to pass.”

Host: I like that.

Spensha: And so, I kind of, keep that in the back of my mind. Especially in this industry.

Host: Oh yeah. Absolutely. So given that, you know, because of this industry, what inspirational advice do you give to future song writers who want to get into this industry. Knowing that what you know now, and you…you had a bit of a…you know…

Spensha: It takes work. Yeah, nothing happens overnight. I came off the show thinking “man it’s going to happen for me. I didn’t have to do anything. It’s going to be instantaneous.” And that’s not how it works. You really have to put your…put the petal…the metal…petal to the metal. And believe in yourself and know that each step you’re taking is going to lead to something. And that it’s not going to come to you. So…

Host: Yeah.

Spensha: Dream big even though it’s unconventional. That’s another thing.

Host: Go for it.

Spensha: I’m doing something really different and out of the box. And I want to inspire people to do the same.

Host: And what projects can we expect from you in the future?

Spensha: Yes, right now I have a single out on country radio. It’s being played across the country. It’s called…

Host & Spensha: Old Souls.

Host: That’s awesome. I love you. You don’t understand. Oh my god, I’m so excited. I’m like a huge fan. I was trying hide it

Spensha: I love it so much. I’m going to start sobbing. That you know that.

Host: You have no idea.

Spensha: You can buy it on apple music, spotify, wherever you can get music. And I’m also just going to be traveling across the country. Possibly at the white house later on this year. So…

Host: Oh man, girl, you are on this good road…

Spensha: We’ll see.

Host: Can you give us a little teaser of your upcoming single? Or any…maybe the performance for tonight?

Spensha: Yeah. Hmmm let’s see…This aint about rock and roll. This aint gasoline on fire. We’re gunna burn down slow. Baby, just take your time. You’ve got a hold on me. You’re all I need and need to get by. I want that old soul. Give me that old soul tonight.

Host: Oh my gosh. Spensha, thank you so much for serenading me right now. I am so excited. You’re my first interview today, so I can’t even imagine how that’s going to be topped off.

Spensha: Thank you.

Host: But anyway, be sure guys to catch the Movieguide Awards airing on Hallmark Channel this spring. I’m Machelle Noel with Spensha Baker. And we’ll see you next time. Thank you so much.

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