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Gala-banner-crop-666x381This year for the Moviguide Awards we were able to snag an interview with one of the producers of God’s Not Dead A Light in Darkness, Ted McGinley. We asked him about the film and what the Movieguide Awards meant to him. From what he said the film shows people that in the world that we live in today it is okay to feel confused or even a little conflicted, it’s normal. That is the time where you rely on your faith and look to the Lord to help show you the way. Not only do you look to the Lord but you look to others and come together as one. Those around you will help build you up and show you that you are not alone in your struggles, you have people that are there for you and who love you. I think that it’s great that there are people in the film industry that look to capture faith and togetherness on camera and show people that it is a real thing, not fantasy. I am looking forward to watching it and I recommend those who are interested in faith-based films to watch it as well!

Host: The 2019 Movieguide Awards I’m Michelle Noel with Ted McGinley, thank you so much for being here Ted. I am such a huge fan of your work.

McGinley: Well I appreciate that.

Host: I mean you’re here to promote God’s Not Dead A Light in Darkness, for those folks out there who are not familiar with this movie for this third installment. Can you give us a little bit of a synopsis of what this movie is about?

McGinley: Well let me say the good guys win. No actually the point of this movie is that uh – you know it’s a real reflection of what’s happening today in the world and in the universities and – and the truth that we’re all a little confused, all a little conflicted in that we’re not there isn’t a good guy and a bad guy really and that it even someone of the faith is confused and having a difficult time running their own life and questioning God. So it represents all of that in how we sort of tie it together by trusting each other, counting on each other.

Host: Amen well that’s very well said and given the fact that we’re at the Movieguide Awards, how much does this particular event mean to you and the fact that it’s being recognized here so well?

McGinley: It’s – it’s wonderful, you know this is always a fun night and uh it’s great that we’re nominated and that makes it fun. But the truth is that this states that there is an audience out there for this kind of material and there are people who are willing to come to the movies and watch whatever platforms they’re on. You know there’s a lot going on now and more and more of this kind of content every day so it’s kind of exciting and this Movieguide represents what’s happening on the positive side.

Host: What inspirational wisdom or biblical quote or biblical verse do you live by every day giving the factor in this crazy industry?

McGinley: I think – I mean the one I try to live up to is unto others, I think that was ingrained in me very young and I fall short of it often, but that’s the one I aim for.

Host: And what inspirational advice do you have for folks who want to get into this industry?

McGinley: Follow your dreams and if you’re a person who’s gonna quit after the first time you get knocked down, don’t come in.

Host: That’s right, it’s like once you’re in you gotta stay in.

McGinley: I mean nobody here is waiting for you, so if you want to do this you got to decide it’s what you want to do and you come in and say, “They need me, I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna make some room and here we go.”

Host: And trust God as your agent! That’s what I learned the hard way. I’m gonna leave this up to you Lord, you take me all the way and –

McGinley: Well even if you don’t He’s still the agent.

Host: That’s true – if it’s the season that’s the season.

McGinley: Yeah a lot of lessons, you keep saying “No no I think I got this one – oh I guess I don’t.”

Host: What kind of projects do you got coming out that we should be looking out for?

McGinley: Well I’m currently doing a show with Roma Downey called the Baxters which is based on a Karen Kingsbury books, so we start. We’ve done six of those and we’re starting production in a week.

Host: And what is it going to be aired on?

McGinley: Lightworkers on Roma’s, so we’re gonna do that and then I’m doing a Netflix series called No Good Nick and they’re gonna do 20 and I’m doing like 10 so that’s fun and so busy.

Host: Daddy you got this on roll congratulations and congratulations for the success for this movie as well from the 2019 Movieguide Awards, I’m Michelle Noel with Ted McGinley and hopefully we’ll see you guys soon!

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