Menopause The Musical by Danielle B.

TheatreTickets_MTM_450x450In 1964, Lawrence Welk bought a hotel with a golf course in San Diego, California. He decided to present a show; in results of that, that place became a popular spot for tourist and fans. Welk and his son, Lawrence Welk II, decided to turn the hotel into The Welk Resort San Diego, where people can experience a vacation heaven. The Welk Resorts include the following locations people can visit for vacation trips: San Diego, Palm Springs, Lake Tahoe, Cabo San Lucas, and Branson, MO. People can enjoy golfing, theatre performances, special events and the amenities that the hotels offer. Upon arriving to The Welk Resort San Diego, we have gotten the fun and exciting experience in watching Menopause The Musical, in their theatre.

Arriving at the resort will welcome people with its beautiful image. The atmosphere is classy and relaxing. When entering the theatre, visitors are welcomed with an enormous space with pictures, a bar, a beautiful piano and even a timeline of interesting history on the walls. As we collected our tickets for the play, we also walked over to the resort’s restaurant called Canyon Grille. The Welk Resort gives you options to enjoy a meal before the play starts. The options for the beginning come with either a salad or vegetable soup. The main food options include Chicken Picatta, Teriyaki Salmon, Pot Roast or Vegetarian Pasta. At the end, there’s also dessert. I personally chose the vegetable soup and it was delicious! It was the right choice to help withstand the cold weather. The Pot Roast was decorated with sauce, green beans, peppers, carrots and my favorite mashed potatoes. I took the first bite and smiled, it tasted good and was filling. The dessert we received was a chocolate brownie with coconut sprinkles on top, whipped cream and a mint leaf. Chocolate has always been one of my favorite foods and the brownie definitely satisfied my sweet tooth.

After lunch, we headed over to watch Menopause, The Musical. The musical is to celebrate women who are at the stage in their life facing “the changes”. The musical is a fun, hilarious, and entertaining. The musical focuses on four women, Power Woman (Anise Ritchie), Earth Mother (Bets Malone), Soap Star (Eileen Bowman) and Iowa Housewife (Melinda Gilb); who, deal with something that everyone can relate to: change. In life, we go through changes, have doubts, insecurities and it can be difficult to deal with. The musical also parodies of pop songs from the 60s, 70s & 80s, in which are still iconic songs that people recognize and appreciate today. I personally smiled at how the actresses sang. Their voices are powerful and captivate the audience through the storytelling of the show. My personal favorite part is when Power Woman (Anise Ritchie), dressed up like Tina Turner in one scene and started singing a parody of “What’s Love Got To Do With It”.

We see these Women meet at a department store shopping while they discuss how they deal with changes when it comes to menopause through music numbers, dances, and hilarious lines. Topics are mentioned that range from hot flashes, fuzzy memories, sleepless nights, dealing with body changes, etc. I think that this musical is relatable to people men and woman; because, we can understand the emotions and issues that people go through. I honestly say that I already have issues with remembering things due to the technology we consume. Sometimes I even don’t feel the most confident with my appearance. The wonderful thing about this musical is that you get to see the women who’ve met each other, support one another through the changes. The songs in the show not only explain the struggles of change, but it also explains how each woman share the struggles and lift each other up. The end of the show showed each Woman dressed in beautiful black dresses and express their new attitude about the changes they face. Representing the acceptance that it’s okay to deal with changes as one has confidence, self-love and a positive outlook on life and their personal journey. I, along with the audience enjoyed this musical and laughed throughout the show. I recommend seeing the musical as it’ll put a smile on your face.

COME JOIN OUR SISTERHOOD! Four women at a lingerie sale with nothing in common but a black lace bra AND memory loss, hot flashes, night sweats, not enough sex, too much sex and more! This hilarious musical parody set to classic tunes from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s will have you cheering and dancing in the aisles! See what millions of women worldwide have been laughing about for 16 years! It’s the Hilarious Celebration of Women and The Change!

Matinee Performances | Saturday and Sunday at 1:00pm
Evening Performance | Saturday at 8:00pm

Pre-show meal available. Meal precedes the show. Meal seating starts at 11:15am for matinee shows and 5:15pm for evening performances.

Menopause The Musical’ is set in a Bloomingdale’s where four women meet while shopping for a black lace bra at a lingerie sale. After noticing their similarities, they joke about and bond over their woeful hot flashes, mood swings, wrinkles, weight gain and celebrate that menopause is no longer ‘The Silent Passage.’ The Welk Theatre production runs through June 2 and features a powerhouse cast of Anise Ritchie, Eileen Bowman, Melinda Gilb and Bets Malone, directed and choreographed by Natalie Nucci.

Dates: March 15th – June 2nd, 2019

Director: Natalie Nucci

Cast Members: Eileen Bowman, Melinda Gilb, Bets Malone, Anise Ritchie

Official Website:

The Welk Resort Theatre:

Social Media:

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