Menopause the Musical by Krista B.

TheatreTickets_MTM_450x450Menopause the Musical is a very entertaining show! Even though I had a hard time understanding majority of their jokes about menopause because I obviously have some time to get there, the stars did a great job. The Soap Star (Eileen Bowman), the Iowa Housewife (Melinda Gilb), the Earth Mother (Bets Malone), and the Professional Woman (Anise Ritchie) are the stars of the show. Each song is twisted into their own little joke about menopause and it is hilarious, everyone in the audience laughed at every one. One of my favorites was “My Guy”, but instead of singing about her guy the Iowa Housewife sang of the cellulite on her thighs; it was very funny hearing someone sing about her weight gain from the cravings that you get from menopause.

Another one of my favorites was when the Professional Woman sang “Great Pretender”. Anise Ritchie is an extremely talented singer and her performance when singing that song was just amazing. It was hard to keep your eyes off of her and you moved to the edge of your seat every time she hit a high note. Overall, I really enjoyed the play each character had their own story to bring to the table and I liked what they had to show to the audience. No matter what background you have or where you come from, you are never alone in your struggles. These women all came from different backgrounds but they were all able to come together to help each other through their problems with menopause. It is also a fun way to show people that you are never alone and the best cure to help you through your problems are your friends. This play is not just for women, “men love it too” is something that theater loves to display.

Menopause the Musical has raised over one million dollars for the National Association of Cancer Society and they are partners with the YMCA. I encourage you to check it out! You will have a great time, lots of laughs, and a chance to participate in helping them raise money for cancer!

COME JOIN OUR SISTERHOOD! Four women at a lingerie sale with nothing in common but a black lace bra AND memory loss, hot flashes, night sweats, not enough sex, too much sex and more! This hilarious musical parody set to classic tunes from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s will have you cheering and dancing in the aisles! See what millions of women worldwide have been laughing about for 16 years! It’s the Hilarious Celebration of Women and The Change!

Matinee Performances | Saturday and Sunday at 1:00pm
Evening Performance | Saturday at 8:00pm

Pre-show meal available. Meal precedes the show. Meal seating starts at 11:15am for matinee shows and 5:15pm for evening performances.

Menopause The Musical’ is set in a Bloomingdale’s where four women meet while shopping for a black lace bra at a lingerie sale. After noticing their similarities, they joke about and bond over their woeful hot flashes, mood swings, wrinkles, weight gain and celebrate that menopause is no longer ‘The Silent Passage.’ The Welk Theatre production runs through June 2 and features a powerhouse cast of Anise Ritchie, Eileen Bowman, Melinda Gilb and Bets Malone, directed and choreographed by Natalie Nucci.

Dates: March 15th – June 2nd, 2019

Director: Natalie Nucci

Cast Members: Eileen Bowman, Melinda Gilb, Bets Malone, Anise Ritchie

Official Website:

The Welk Resort Theatre:

Social Media:

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