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bvstmnt-bd-3d-1163080Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles makes me think back to an old cartoon show I would see through television. Those who have seen the 2003 version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, can remember the theme song and show once you look it up on YouTube. That was the series I was introduced to as a kid. The last time I saw Leo, Raf, Donnie, and Mikey is when my Injustice 2 game released the four of them as playable characters. Now, we get to see them team up with Batman, Robin, and Batgirl. Wonder Con 2019 had DC release early premieres of two animated films; and, one of them is Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Some of us got the chance to see the movie and you can check out our review of it here. The trailer of the film is exciting for fans of both Batman and the Ninja Turtles.

We got an interview with Andrew Kishino who’s known to work for Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2012) and Disney’s The Lion Guard (2016-2019). Based on our interview with Kishino, who plays The Shredder in the film, he talks about how he had to define Shredder for himself. He further discusses how Shredder’s more than just an angry guy, there are layers to this character. Voice actors have to think about how the characters are in order to present it well for a huge audience. Kishino also expresses how there are times in life where one can be serious or just let go, and the importance of being yourself. This is a theme in the film that audiences will surely notice.


Host: Machelle Noel here over at Wonder Con 2019 and joining me right now is Andrew Kishino

Andrew: Andrew Kishino, yeah.

Host: And he’s playing, The Shedder over at Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So hey, Andrew thank you so much for joining our show.

Andrew: Thank You for having me.

Host: Oh my gosh, I’ve been waiting all day for you, so this is like really super exciting. Hey,  what went through your mind when you got casted for The Shredder?

Andrew: Oh! Of course! I mean, I was ecstatic. It was a… it was incredible to be. In having such an iconic role, and to be you know, given the opportunity to do that. That said, about 1/10 of a second later, I was terrified because I know how many people have played the role and so I wanted to ensure that I was doing the role justice. So immediately,  was like okay I got to get to work to make sure that I make… my Shredder the guy. Who is, my guy. Cause, everybody has played it differently. Everybody has played it spectacularly. Hopefully what I did lives up to that same standard.

Host: So what inspiration came to your mind when voicing The Shredder as the Ninja Turtles archnemesis?

Andrew: Well, I counted to 3 things. I took Shredder and saying…  basically, I took him as a person. And then said okay, ‘who is Shredder as a martial artist?’ because that requires an extraordinary amount of discipline… and, you know, rigorous physical training. Then, the second part was, ‘what is his adherence and flexibility with the Bushido?’ The code of that he ostensibly lives by.

Host: Right.

Andrew: Right? because he… does not live entirely by that code. He flexes it when convenient; because, he does things a samurai would not. And then lastly, ‘Who is he is an emotional individual?’ like ‘What is going on in his head and in his heart? What drives him? What are the things that he needs to see reconciled as a human being, in order to feel like the world is right for him?’ So then I took all those three things and then just started playing with that… sense of damaged, fractured vanity, and rage and the capability to do extraordinary, violent, terrible things. And then, brought back to it. So hopefully, that was kinda, doing all of that back work translated successfully on the front end.

Host: That was pretty deep. That was like the spiritualization of the Shredder. I loved it. I can’t wait.

Andrew: Well, Thank You. And you know, to be honest. I mean Shedder’s not obviously… it would be an oversimplification [to say] oh he’s just an angry guy. Cause he’s not just an angry guy.

Host: No no. He’s just got issues.

Andrew: Well, a lot.

Host: I’m sure he’s got some Daddy issues, childhood like- unresolved issues. That would be a really great origin story if they ever go into it. What is the overall theme you hope that audiences out there get? From this film. From this film. Overall. General.

Andrew: Wow! That’s a great question.

Host: Yeah

Andrew: Um, one of the themes that I actually am very partial to, Is the… rigidity and stoicism of Batman.

Host: Mhm.

Andrew: While useful… there’s something to be said for the utter and complete failure to adhere to rules with the turtles where you need both. There are times where you need to be stoic and, on goal, and on method. And then there are times where you need to just go, ‘Man forget it. I’m gonna throw it all out the window, and I’m just gonna be me.’

Host: Yeah.

Andrew: And be me unapologetically. So its kinda seeing the two philosophies come together and how eventually they bring some of it, a little bit out in each of them. The Turtles have a little bit more of like, yeah I guess there are times where we could be a little more serious. And Batman’s like, I suppose I don’t have to be Batman 100% of the time. You know? So there’s a little bit of give there which is a wonderful thing.

Host: Finally you know. The Turtles are probably the comic relief like you know, to finally wake him up a little bit.

Andrew: And! What’s great about these turtles is their comic relief but you see they’re physically imposing. They’re still not to be messed with. So it’s not just a, kinda you know Oh! They’re goofy and they have you. They look physically imposing and can handle themselves.

Host: Before the Bat Signal goes off.  I have some few fast round questions. If a live adaptation or theatrical adaptation was in the works, what would you hope to be in your wish list?

Andrew: I would still go with The Shredder.

Host: Shredder. Of course, okay. And um, I don’t know if you heard but Batman is celebrating his 80th anniversary, you’ve been invited to the Wayne Manor, how are you planning to celebrate and what do you plan on toasting, cheersing to him?

Andrew: I was Shredder. coming into the windows, dressed all out face full of metal. And you know, uh snagging the many of the hors d’oeuvres as possible and uh, not paying for the valet.

Host: You don’t even have to crash the party, it’s just like, I’m Shredder. Move Over

Andrew: Boom! And then I’m out. Yup. Leave everybody and [they’ll react like] who was that?

Host: I don’t know if I should ask this to Shredder, but who is your favorite Turtle overall?

Andrew: Oh, wow! I can’t, they all represent different facets. So, I like Leo.

Host: Leo? I figured.

Andrew: Yeah. I like Leo.

Host: Are you and Eric pretty close?

Andrew: Oh Eric’s like my brother. Eric’s like my brother, Eric’s like my brother. That’s my dude right there. And he’s not only one of the nicest guys around, he’s insanely talented. It’s a real honor to work with him.

Host: I see you two guys together. I cannot wait to see this movie. Just last question, what is your favorite pizza topping?

Andrew: I’m a traditionalist. It’s pepperoni.

Host: Turtles have done crossovers with Batman and Power Rangers, who do you hope they do a duet with next?

Andrew: Ooooh, wow. That would have to be a TBD, because that… that’s a tough one.

Host: We had Walking Dead, Ghostbusters, I mean the list kinda goes on and on.

Andrew: Yeah that’s… WOW. Hmm…

Host: Cause they can go with anybody.

Andrew: Cause you can’t do something like… you know what, I’m gonna do TBD on that one. Come back to me with that one. Remember that question and hit me.

Host: Awesome. Folks that’s all the time we have left. Be sure to catch Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I’m Machelle Noel with Andrew. Cowabunga!


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