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bvstmnt-bd-3d-1163080Here for WonderCon 2019 at the Anaheim convention center, we are happy to interview the producer of the upcoming animated Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie for their first ever movie premiere. Ben Jones is known for his previous work on The Iron Giant (1999), Teen Titans (2003-2006), and the Batman The Brave and The Bold animated series (2008-2011).

Host: Machelle Noel here over at WonderCon 2019 and joining me right now is Ben Jones, he’s the producer over at Batman versus teenage mutant ninja turtles. Hey Ben! Thank you so much for joining our show! Such a pleasure to talk to you!

Ben: Thank for having me!

Host: No problem! So what was it like executing a production like this?

Ben: It was one of those things where it starts out and you think it’s going to be a nightmare, but it actually turns out very smooth. Once we got into it it went really smoothly.

Host: Awesome! So what was the best part about collaborating with the Batman and the Ninja Turtles?

Ben: Uh, most of the best things came out of the way the character’s interacted with each other. You know like a lot of Batman’s frustration with the Turtles was fun to tell stories about. And we had a lot of fun with Ra’s and Shredder who are two guys who are used to being in control and having and having to spend a lot of time together and not really liking that.

Host: Yeah I bet, and what was the overall theme that you hope audiences will gain from this film?

Ben: Mostly it’s about having a fun time for 487 minutes, but I think there’s a lot that’s said about the importance of family and teamwork in there.

Host: Alright, and I love your shirt by the way… I have to put that out there and go and put that on my Ebay list. So Batman is celebrating his 80th anniversary and we’ve been invited to the Wayne Manor… How are you planning to celebrate and what are you going to toast or cheers to him?

Ben: Uh, I think my goal is just gunna be to try and get as much of Alfred’s home cooking into my belly as I can.

Host: Ohhh I like that! And just out of curiosity, who is your favorite turtle?

Ben: I don’t know if I am allowed to have a favorite, but it’s Donatello.

Host: It’s Donatello, this is good, it’s Donatello we all like Donatello. Well, Ben, it was a pleasure talking to you. *to camera* Be sure to catch Batman vs Ninja Turtles coming to you on digital and blu-ray this Spring. I’m Machelle Noel with producer Ben Jones and hopefully, we’ll see you next time.           


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