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bvstmnt-bd-3d-1163080This year for WonderCon 2019 Geek Rock TV had the opportunity to interview award winning actor, Cas Anvar. You may have seen him in The Expanse, The Operative, Room, or Argo but he was on the red carpet this year supporting his new film Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Anvar took on the role of Batman vilian Ra’s al Ghul and from what we gathered he is very excited for the work that was done and this was a role that he has dreamed about since Batman Begins. From what he said about Ra’s al Ghul his character is simply misunderstood, he has so much life experience and his philosophy in a way is correct. He is only a vilian because he doesn’t care what he has to do to accomplish his goals. Anvar also gave us a little insight of the movie and we are going to have a lot of laughs, the turtles have something special in store for us because of their sense of humor. Batman is a dark character and the turtles are going to add a lighthearted feel to the film that everyone will enjoy. So if you have the chance check out Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and watch them team up and battle their vilians!


Host: Machelle Noel from GeekRockTV over at WonderCon 2019, joining me right now is Cas Anvar and he’s playing Ra’s al Ghul. Did I pronounce that right?

Anvar: It is if you’re part of the League of Assasins otherwise it’s Ra’s al Ghul.

Host: Oh Ra’s al Ghul! You know I’m actually playing undercover so don’t worry. He’s here promoting Batman vs. Ninja Turtles, so hey –

Anvar: Hey –

Host: Great to see you. I see you all the time at the autograph table every single year, so I’m just like ‘What’s up Cas? One day!’”

Anvar: Yeah I have a good time meeting the fans and doing my thing for all the different Comic Con worthy stuff that I do.

Host: Awesome.

Anvar: This is one of the big ones though.

Host: Yeah what was going through your mind when you got casted for this?

Anvar: Oh my God – I have been dying to play Ra’s al Ghul since uh – since Batman Begins I think, said by the very first Chris Nolan piece that Liam Neeson did. He is such a cool character, he is so complicated, he is so layered, he’s hundreds of years old, he’s got all this life experience and he’s got this – this very interesting philosophy which, if you really listen to what he says he’s not wrong about – about his end goal. He just doesn’t care how he gets there and that’s kind of where Batman comes in to kind of say, “No you can’t do that”. It’s – it’s a very complex and interesting character because he’s – he’s kimd of an ends justofies the means kind of guy but ultimately he’s trying to better the human race.

Host: Forsure. I know he is a very misunderstood character, you don’t know if you want to be on his side or –

Anvar: I’m so misunderstood. Cut me some slack.

Host: I can tell, you’re gonna do such a great job. What else can you share with us? Anything you can tease us with?

Anvar: Well I think – I think because we got the turtles in the show you are definetly gonna get some laughs because you don’t get a lot of laughs usually in a Batman Ra’s al Ghul team battle. But with the turtles around there’s gonna be some fun, there’s gonna be some tongue-in-cheek, there’s gonna be some humor with these very serious characters. Um – the fun part about Ra’s al Ghul is that he is – he’s a man of dignity – he’s a very distonguished guy – he’s highly educated – he’s very experienced and he doesn’t suffer fools well. So team him up with some turtles and with Shredder uh – and any of these other villains that are gonna be popping up in the show – because this is – uh – this is like a uh – a rogue’s gallery of Batman and and turtle villains and anybody who comes into  his orbit that is even remotely incompetant watch out.

Host: Oh yeah –

Anvar: Watch out.

Host: Is there anything that we should uh expect from the comic books? Like will there be anything similar to the comic book series?

Anvar: I think it’s – it’s something new because it’s got this humorous content but it does have that flavor of the dark animated series, the Batman that everyone really really loved – that anime that was so dark that really – that really stylist – but there was this very stylistic cartoon that came out – that everyone really loved and it’s – it’s got that flavor to it with – with a little bit of tongue-in-cheek humor to it:

Host: If a theatrical adaptation was in the works what would you – what would be in your wish list?

Anvar:  Honestly this is Ra’s al Ghul – this is one of the characters that I would love to play. I mean A, he’s a Middle Eastern character and uh – when I grow up – when I grow up my Wolverine burns I look a lot like him so I totally identify with that character, I’d love to play Ra’s al Ghul.

Host: Now that I look at you, you should have played Jafar in the new Aladin movie –

Anvar: Oh you think so? I would have loved that –

Host: Because I like the way your voice tone is – like woah I can feel it – I can be really scared of him –

Anvar: Aladin get out of here I crush you –

Host: Don’t worry maybe there will be like a sequal – I am – I am just sensing a Jafar in your future – I’m gonna put it out there.

Anvar: Well thank you –

Host: And you better remember that I – I am the one who started that –

Anvar: No when I get the Disney contract you’re getting your cut –

Host: There you go – perfect. So Batman is celebrating his 80th anniversary and we’ve been invited to the Wayne Manor, how are you planning to celebrate and what would you toast to him?

Anvar: Oh my goodness I would toast to him good health uh – longevity and – and get the hell out of the city. That’s what I would say –

Host: Okay and who was your favorite Batman?

Anvar: Hmm – my favorite Batman – Christian Bale definetly is one of them. Umm – I liked – I liked Michael Keaton as well and I’m not exactly sure why but he sticks out – I love – I just love his quirky darkness – like he’s – he’s always got a twinkle in his eye because he’s such a funy sharp actor um – but I think those are probably my two – my two favorites.

Host: Turtles real quick – who’s your favorite turtle?

Anvar: Uh Michelangelo.

Host: Pizza topping?

Anvar: Damn cheese and pepperoni.

Host: Okay I like that. So the turtles have a crosover with Batman and the Power Rangers, who would you like to see them do a duet with next?

Anvar: (Laughs) The Turtles and the Walking Dead.

Host: Oh I can see that – with them coming out against the zombies. Do you like cowabunga or turtle power?

Anvar:  I mean as silly as it is I’d have to say cowabunga – wel I wouldn’t have to say it but I’d have to say it.

Host: Can you give us a little tease of your voice for this movie?

Anvar: Uhhh –

Host: Say ‘You’re watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles dot com’.

Anvar: You are watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dot com!

Host: Awesome! We will close it on that, thank you so much Cas. Guys make sure to watch Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles coming to you on digital this Spring. Cas thank you so much!

Anvar: It was a pleasure.

Host: We wish you great success in your future as well.

Anvar: You are a rock star and I can’t wait till Disney comes through –

Host: Oh I am already putting it out there –

Anvar: Thank you – Cheers

Host: Cheers!


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