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bvstmnt-bd-3d-1163080Jake Castorena is a film director known for his recent films Scooby-Doo and Batman: The Brave and The Bold, The Death of Superman and Batman Vs. TMNT. Going through the interview, Castorena tackles each question head-on like a salesman that knows what you’re talking about but with a genuine feeling. There wasn’t a single question that threw him out of balance as he responded with a clear distinct answer; all while wearing a banana shirt.

His passion for the project was visible through his fairly animated emotional responses. Pun absolutely intended. In being asked about the film he responded with the best line I could expect from a director of an animated film, “I got paid to draw Batman and turtles come on.” When going through an interview, a majority of the time the director would seriously discuss the film in a light-hearted attitude, but Castorena just tosses that right out the window as he is just pure delight and energy throughout the entire experience.

When asked about the difference between the death of superman Castorena goes on to explain that the death of Superman is about the death of an idol and the death of peace. While Batman vs TMNT does not shy away from the seriousness that is presented of DC universe, it does focus more on the humorous side of the dark aspects of DC; which I feel speaks volumes about what he is trying to do with this film. In addition to this, when asked about the theme of the movie he responds with “You can have fun with your superheroes. It’s okay to have fun with your superheroes.” After going through this interview, this director only made me want to sit down and watch the movie with him.



Host: Joining me right now is Jake Castorena, here at Batman vs Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles, Jake thank you so much for joining our show, great to have you!

Jake Castorena: Thanks for having me.

Host: I’m so excited. So, what was it like? Taking a job like Batman vs the ninja turtles?

Jake Castorena: Uh, fun.

Host: I know.

Jake Castorena: No, the only answer I can say that I’ve been saying is, it’s a bucket list I never had and that’s genuinely my real response. Who? What? Huh? Really? We’re doing that? Just to get to be in a project like that is one thing. Then they get us to be on the helm out if, like whoa, it was a really awesome challenge man and I got paid to direct Batman vs Turtles it’s cool.

Host: How is it different compared to death of Superman?

Jake Castorena: Uu, that’s a really good question, ah it’s a good one. So Death of Superman dealt with Consequences, deadly consequences and not to say that this movie doesn’t but that was the death of an icon, that was the death of a monument the death of peace, were as to this one we are definitely aware of the type of movie we are making and the universe that this is,

Host: Yeah.

Jake Castorena: Um, so where it doesn’t shy away from the seriousness and tone, so we don’t shy away from making something funnier, dark humor, where the situation calls for it. Um, yeah, plus four walking talking turtles.

Host: Yeah.

Jake Castorena: Yeah.

Host: I agree with you. What would you say is the overall theme that you hope audiences will get from this?

Jake Castorena: Umm, just, you can have fun with your superheroes,

Host: Ok, I like that, at any age.

Jake Castorena: Yeah, at any age it’s ok to have fun with your superheroes, and maybe don’t judge a book by its cover.

Host: Uu, I like that, now I’m not sure if you’ve a head but Batman is celebrating his 80th anniversary.

Jake Castorena: Yeah.

Host: And we’ve been invited to the Wayne Manor, how do you plan on celebrating and what do you plan on toasting him to?

Jake Castorena: Mmm, well Batman doesn’t drink so I would probably try to get him to have some champagne somewhere in the night but my toast would be uh, here’s to 80 years of broken clavicles may you have 80 years more.

Host: Ok, and who was your favorite Batman?

Jake Castorena: Uu, you have to be specific, animated, live action?

Host: Anything.

Jake Castorena: Well, look I love Troy Baker, Troy Baker is awesome but obviously we’ve got to go, Conroy, Conroy started the whole thing. Conroy is Batman.

Host: Alright.

Jake Castorena: And while I love Conroy, there can only be many alterations of Batman. I love Jason O’mara as Batman in the new 52 universe stuff and the DC canon, uh, again I love Troy Baker as Batman, he kills it, especially as Joker. If there are any 89 Keaton fans in the audience they might have some nods in this movie.

Host: I like that you have a little combination of everything there.

Jake Castorena: There are …inaudible…fans will have a field day with this movie. Our goal was to get repeat viewers.

Host: Who’s your favorite turtle?

Jake Castorena: Who’s my favorite turtle?

Host: Yeah.

Jake Castorena: Oh, that’s so hard. I’m always a toss-up between Mikey and Ralph. I feel like I can be both Mikey and Ralph.

Host: I feel like everyone has the Mikey and Ralph thing.

Jake Castorena: But Donnie is great, Donnie is great.

Host: I like Donnie, me and Donnie are pretty tight as well. Well, Jake, it was a pleasure talking with you.

Jake Castorena: thank you so much.

Host: Be sure to catch Batman vs Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles late spring. I’m Michelle Noelle with Jake Castorena and hopefully, we’ll see you guys next time.

Jake Castorena: Bye!


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