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MV5BMTk5ODdkYzQtMDFjYS00YjgwLWI2N2EtZmU1MWRmMzFiNzdjXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDQ0MTYzMDA@._V1_Kevin Conroy is my Batman. He’s the Batman I was first introduced to through Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, Justice League: Unlimited & Batman Beyond. I got the opportunity to watch an early screening of Justice League vs. The Fatal Five during this year’s Wonder Con 2019 in Anaheim, CA. Check out my full movie review of the movie here:

For those who have enjoyed watching Batman (Kevin Conroy), Wonder Woman (Susan Eisenberg), and Superman (George Newbern) in the JL/JLU shows, this movie is a treat for fans as they’re taken back to their memories of seeing this version of the Justice League. We even get to see their characters represented the exact same way from the past animated shows. (Wonder Woman carries her own sword now too!). Seeing that in this film put a huge smile on my face. I also couldn’t stop smiling when I saw them sitting on the panel, interacting with the fans as they answered their questions.

By celebrating Batman’s 80th Birthday at Wonder Con, Kevin Conroy is one of the many people who brought Bruce Wayne to life along with Adam West, Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, David Mazouz, and many others. Batman is an iconic character that 80 years of his legacy still remains and will continue to carry on into the future.

In our interview with Kevin, we bring up topics about him working with the cast from JL/JLU for this film, Batman’s influence on Starboy’s character, as well as the message to be true to yourself, and more. He gives insights on playing the role of Batman, explaining the differences between Bruce Wayne and Batman. He then stated that Batman would try to get people to come together in today’s world due to the pattern of division among people that are constantly shown through the media. He even does his Batman voice which put a smile on my face which is also a similar reaction for other fans; and, that’s because Kevin Conroy is a legend in voice acting. He is also a huge part of many fan’s childhood memories.

Host: Machelle Noel here from GeekRockTV. Over at Wonder Con 2019 and joining me right now is legendary voice actor from the DCU, Animated Universe, The Caped Crusader himself: Mr. Kevin Conroy. Hi.

Kevin: Hi Machaelle, how are you?

Host: I’m such a huge fan of your work.

Kevin: Thank You so much!

Host: I can not believe this is the first time I’m meeting you. After all these years.

Kevin: Thank You! Where have you been?

Host: I don’t know! It’s like every time I’m here I’m like… ah never mind.- But anyways. Um, you’re here to promote Justice League vs. The Fatal Five. So, congratulations for reprising your role. How is it like working with the gang again?

Kevin: It’s so great to come back to the crowd. With Susan and George. Bruce Timm writing. I mean everything about it was just great. And uh, what’s amazing after 20 years, everyone just kind of fits right into the characters again. The relationships pick up. It’s like seeing an old friend, where you pick up a sentence you know?

Host: Mhm.

Kevin: Um that…. that 20 years before. So that was exciting. But what makes this film more interesting; is, they’re all these new… characters.

Host: Yeah!

Kevin: That come from the future.

Host: Awesome.

Kevin: So Batman is even more of an outlier, than he was in other, other films.

Host: Wow.

Kevin: He’s always the outlier. The outsider. But in this one, he’s very much an outsider.

Host: Interesting; so, what can you tell us about Batman in this movie and does he have like any influence on Starboy or Jessica Cruz…?

Kevin: Well it’s complicated with Starboy because… he’s almost responsible for… Starboy being in Arkham in the first place and he shouldn’t have been. So, the whole point it to get Starboy out of Arkham. It’s a story that involves Arkham, which I think the fans are really gonna love.

Host: Yes. Okay, Awesome. What’s the overall message? What is the message you want to send to the audience about this film? What’s the overall theme?

Kevin: I think, being true to yourself.

Host: Yeah?

Kevin: Be true to yourself.

Host: Okay. I have a few questions about you being Batman. What kind of action do you think Batman will take in the world today?

Kevin: What would, what action would he-?

Host: What sort of actions would you think Batman would take in today’s world?

Kevin: In today’s world?

Host: Yeah, what would he do? What would he take on?

Kevin: He would… he would be a unifier.

Host: Alright.

Kevin: We’ve become so divided.

Host: Yeah

Kevin: So tribalized.

Host: Oh, I like that.

Kevin: Everyone’s gone to their corners.

Host: Isn’t that weird?

Kevin: Batman would definitely be a unifier. He would find a way… to build community. Because that’s the biggest thing we need right now.

Host: Do you think Batman is Batman because of the villains or because Bruce Wayne wants Batman to stay around?

Kevin: Well I think the most interesting thing about Batman, the shows…

Host: Yeah.

Kevin: Are the Villains.

Host: Mhm.

Kevin: Let’s face it, they’re the most incredible villains. They are the color of the show. Um, and Batman wouldn’t be Batman without The Joker.

Host: Yeah.

Kevin: They define each other. They’re like the Yin and the Yang for each other.

Host: True.

Kevin: Um, so I think that the… villains have been much a part of Batman as-as anything else.

Host: Interesting. You’ve been the most beloved, iconic Batman of all time. What aspect of your performance do you hope future voice actors will take on, when taking on this Batman role? What advice to you have for them?

Kevin: I hope that- well every actor has to get their own hook into a character.

Host: Yeah.

Kevin: Every actor has a unique way of getting into the character. It’s just something you learn. For me, one of the ticks it that- Batman is not the performance. Bruce Wayne is the performance.

Host: That’s a good point.

Kevin: Batman is who he became…

Host: Yeah.

Kevin: The moment he saw his parents… shot.

Host: Yeah.

Kevin: He went to this dark, dark, dark place. *Does Batman Voice* And he just, you know, went into this deep, dark world. *ends* So when you do that voice, it doesn’t sound like you’re putting on the voice. That has to be the natural sound.

Host: That’s true.

Kevin: And then Bruce Wayne, the suit he puts on for the day, to go and work at the office. Everyone has two faces.

Host: Yeah.

Kevin: Everyone has a public face and a private face. That’s just part of being a human being.

Host: That’s True.

Kevin: His-his public face is Bruce Wayne. And his private face, his true face, is Batman. So that would be my advice to any actors.

Host: Stay in character. I Love that! Last question, Batman is celebrating his 80th Birthday, we’ve been invited to the Wayne Manor, how are you planning to celebrate? And what would you hope to cheers or toast to him?

Kevin: Wow!

Host: I know! Isn’t that crazy?

Kevin: Well, I’m not a drinker. But I will be serving the most incredible champagne to all of you guys.

Host: Oh! I’ll take it.

Kevin: It’s gonna be a great champagne reception for Batman’s 80th.

Host: I can totally see that. Now, gosh. Thank You so much Kevin for joining us. Folks be sure to catch Justice League vs. The Fatal Five.

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