Susan Eisenberg | ‘Wonder Woman’

MV5BMTk5ODdkYzQtMDFjYS00YjgwLWI2N2EtZmU1MWRmMzFiNzdjXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDQ0MTYzMDA@._V1_GeekRockTV was able to snag an interview at WonderCon 2019 with the beloved Susan Eisenberg, better known as Wonderwoman! It had been 13 years since Eisenberg played the role of Wonderwoman and it was a very emotional experience for her because she missed this character so much, she literally cried. From what Eisenberg could tell us, Wonderwoman is a mentor for the new Green Lantern, Jessica Cruz, so we will get to see another side to this character. She also shared that we will have the opportunity to see many familiar faces along with some new faces in Justice League vs. The Fatal Five. This movie will be available to own on digital March 30th and on Blu-Ray April 19th, so if you want to take a journey with the characters that you know and love check it out!


Host: Michelle Noel here from Geek Rock TV at WonderCon 2019 and joining me right now is Susan Eisenberg.

Susan: Hi.

Host: Great to have you here, she’s playing Wonderwoman over at Justice League vs. The Fatal Five. How are you doing sweetie? Great to finally meet you oh my gosh.

Susan: I’m doing well thank you it just started.

Host: I am such a huge fan – thank you so much for being our first interview!

Susan: Thank you.

Host: Let’s see here. Upon coming to this film what was it like getting back with your cast members again and reprising your role as Wonderwoman again?

Susan: I’m gonna be a broken record but it was astonishing and I mean I literally cried when I saw her because I haven’t seen her since 2006 when the show ended. So it’s – it’s like a dream come true to get to do this again. Um – yeah so overwhelming and wonderful.

Host: So what will we expect from this movie and your character and does she have any influence over Jessica Cruz, the Green Lantern?

Susan: She does because she’s somewhat of a mentor to Jessica Cruz and she is a guide for her, so yeah you will definitely see a relationship there. Um – as for – I mean I think it’s just gonna be neat for the fans to just see some familiar faces, so I think that is what they can look forward to in a big way and some new faces which is great also.

Host: Oh yeah! So what is the overll theme? What is the message that you want to send out to your audience about this film?

Susan: About this film?

Host: Yeah!

Susan: Go watch it. Buy it. Enjoy it. Um you know I just think that this is like a new tale because it involves new characters or characters that people haven’t seen in a while and I think that you know just enjoy the ride because it is a very cool ride.

Host: Okay that is awesome. Now Batman is celebrating his 80th anniversary –

Susan: I heard – I heard –

Host: – and I heard that we’re invited to the Wayne Manor, so how are you planning to celebrate and what would you like to toast to him?

Susan:Um – you know I don’t know that I am going to give my toast to him in public, but I will say this, so um – I would just say here’s to many more years you know? I mena he’s eternal.

Host: That’s awesome. So Susan thank you so much for being here, guys don’t forget to check out Justice League vs. The Fatal Five coming to you digital on March 30th and on Blu-Ray April 19th! Thank you so much and congradulations!

Susan: Thank you.

Host:And cheers to you.

Susan: Thank you.

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