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They’re Everywhere! Amazon has become one of the most unstoppable companies of the 21st Century. Their services include online shopping, books, web services, kindle, Whole Foods Market, and CABLE. Kind of but not really, the Amazon Fire Stick has becoming the alternative to cable these days for a more convenient and cheaper price. Right now on Amazon, a Fire Stick with 4K with Alexa Voice Remote is only $39.99.

I currently have the Fire Stick and have access to many channels but not all (e.g. ESPN, TNT, SyFy, HBO, Showtime, etc.) that are accessible when having cable. Cable prices are extremely high now a days and having the Fire Stick is the best alternative one can make. Having the Fire Stick cannot be viewed as the equivalent of having cable but it can be viewed as having something better than nothing. Having the Fire Stick can get you many cable channels and is a far better option than staying with local antenna television. The best part about this new Amazon device is that there is no contract necessary, you pay the $40 and that’s over with. We all know that cable companies just like car dealerships or phone services sound all pretty with their contract offerings which usually have loopholes that can be detrimental but the Fire Stick is straight up. These polar opposites in television viewership can be to blame the loss of subscription among cable providers. Variety reported that traditional cable lost 4.2% of its consumers in 2018 which is the equivalent of 3.2 million customers.

To get more into detail, Charter Communications (parent of Spectrum) announced that 122,000 customers cut the cord during the first three months of that year. Comcast reported a loss of 96,000 customers and both exceeded expectations from the Wall Street Journal in regards to the decline of cable viewership. Dish Satellite had a 10.2% decline of subscriptions from 2017 to 2018. In this technological era, people are starting to realize that cable companies are simply trying to rip them off and we are very fortunate that alternatives now exist to combat the immoral and unethical cable companies. I may advocate for the Fire Stick but the truth is that there are other alternatives to cable that do exist such as Sling TV and YouTube TV. I simply advocate for the Fire Stick because I am most familiar with it and am aware of its amenities. It also serves as a platform for other things such as Netflix, Amazon Music, Amazon Photos, and One Click Buying of popular films.

The norms of the late 20th Century where television revolved a family’s life are non-existent today. People are always on the go and the need to watch cable television is a guilt pleasure instead of a necessity. Every dollar matters and cutting the cord can really leave you with more money on the budget every month  Money matters and having the Fire Stick can leave you with most of the channels one would have for cable for a much cheaper one time payment. Cut the Cord!


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