2019 || San Diego County Fair by Pablo D.

229_Fair-LogoPLUS-OzIt is that time of the year again! The San Diego County Fair is back this month for more summer fun and long lasting memories. The amount of fun that can be done at the fair are for one simple rate. Before getting to all the specifics, it is important to know how to begin this fun.

The fair opened to the public on Wednesday May 29th and will run all the way until Thursday July 4th. The San Diego County Fair is situated at Del Mar Fairgrounds on the 2260th block of Jimmy Durante Blvd in the city of Del Mar, CA. Directions to get to the venue are trouble free as the fairgrounds are within visibility of the 5 freeway and its corresponding exit Via De La Valle.

One of the reasons why the Del Mar fairgrounds is a great venue is because of the amount of parking available and in its surrounding areas. General Parking is at a flat rate of $17 and Preferred Parking is at $27. For those like myself who do not want to pay such a rate, I would recommend parking in legal areas around the park and a little walking does not hurt anyone. When I went to the fair, I parked my car on Stevens Avenue adjacent to La Colonia Park. It is not too far away from the Fairgrounds and it is actually money that can be spent on rides, food, and many activities presented.

Regarding the tickets for going on rides and games, the prices are quite reasonable. Each ticket will cost you seventy five cents each, 12 tickets will be $9, 28 Tickets are at $20, and 70 tickets are at $50. The popular fast pass is only $20 but an important thing to note is that they have limited quantity meaning first come first serve. Something to add is that during Wednesdays and Thursdays of the first four weeks (June 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, or 27), one can buy a wristband which allows ticket buyers to unlimited access to all carnival rides. All this fun is at a flat rate of $38.

Relating to monetary expenses, getting into the fair includes reasonable prices. Adults from ages 13-61 have to pay $20 for entrance while Kids from ages 6-12 and Seniors over the age of 61 get in at $14 at the box office.  Albertsons and Vons (at participating locations in San Diego County and Orange County) tickets are discounted. Adults are at $16 while Kids and Seniors are at $13. When I attended the fair on June 5th, I was able to get in with only a $6 admission as during the beginning of the fair cycle, there were specific dates where getting in at that price was a reality.

When I was at the fair, the most interesting thing that was going was the Hog races that occur several times during the day but I was surprised by the public appeal it had. Around the race course, there were a couple of bleachers for people to still and they were full appeal. That includes people standing to see which hog was going to win the race. Basically, there are four hogs that are competing around the course and whichever one gets into the RV adjacent to the course. The hogs are assigned a number and that number is visible to the people to identify each one. In this case, the race ended with each hog finishing with the number that they were assigned. Hog 1 was the winner, Hog 2 was second place, Hog 3 third place, and Hog 4 was last.

Something to also point out is that this fair also happens to be kid friendly. Of the fairs that I have been to, this is the first time where a fair has dedicated a section to kids. This is the perfect place for adults to take their children for a summer day full of fun as the amenities are satisfying for the parents who are worried about safety and children who just want to enjoy themselves.

The San Diego County Fair is host more than 1.5 million visitors on every fair cycle which lasts 27 days. It is no secret that the 4,187 attractions and nearly 2,000 concerts at the venue are meant to satisfy those with summer nostalgia as the fairโ€™s initiation complements the many students in San Diego County being freed from school. The weather is perfect, the time is perfect, and the prices are near perfect, so I urge people to visit the fair or else they are missing out. More information regarding the San Diego County Fair, can be found on https://sdfair.com/.

WHAT: 2019 San Diego County Fair โ€“ โ€œOz-someโ€

WHEN: The Fair runs Friday, May 31 through Thursday, July 4  (27-day season). Closed Mondays and Tuesdays in June

WHERE: Del Mar Fairgrounds, 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar

ADMISSION: $20 adults | Kids 6-12 and seniors 62+, $14

WEBSITE: www.SDfair.com



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