2019 || Six Flags Magic Mtn by Pablo D.

unnamedThey are not joking when they call themselves, โ€œThe Thrill Capital of the World.โ€ My trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain last week validates that as many of the toughest rides in the Southern California area are situated there. Once your there, there is nowhere to hide!

Six Flags Magic Mountain is located which is 35 miles north of Downtown Los Angeles in the city of Valencia, CA. People from San Diego and Orange County will not have trouble with directions because the park is literally adjacent to the 5 Freeway.

Admission to the park is $64.99 for the day which is a bit pricey but still cheaper than Disneyland. The catch to entering the park is getting a Six Flags Membership which is priced between seven and twenty dollars each month for a twelve month span. (A security deposit is needed though). Amenities include discounts on items at the park, unlimited admission to the sister theme parks, and appreciation events for members themselves.

Something for the visit that really intrigued me was the season dining pass which allows one to enjoy snacks, lunch, and dinner at Magic Mountain. The three of them together will cost you about $82 for the entire year. A lunch and a snack is at $39.99 per year. This really reminds me of something similar Universal Studios Hollywood had during the 2000s which was pretty convenient for the visitor. However, I think US Hollywood discontinued that, so Six Flags brought back memories.

Changing topics, I will now discuss the main attractions that are so captivating that is why Six Flags has a major following. The rides that I got on, I will rate the rides that I go on from favorite to least favorite.

  1. Twisted Colossus | Minimum Height: 48″ | The world’s longest, most innovative hybrid coaster.
  1. Goliath | Minimum Height: 48″ | This hypercoaster includes high-speeds and a 255-ft drop.
  1. Scream | Minimum Height: 54″ | This king of inversions gives you the feeling of flying free through the air.
  1. Viper | Minimum Height: 54″ | Experience an intense looping frenzy as you bolt down a snake-like course at 70 mph.
  1. Full Throttle | Minimum Height: 54″ | Loop to 160 feet, shoot through tunnels, and explode from three launches on this record-smashing champion.
  1. The New Revolution – Classic | Minimum Height: 48″ | The World’s First 360-degree Vertical Loop
  1. Tatsu | Minimum Height: 54″ | Ride this metal dragon face-down during a set of drops, corkscrews, and zero G rolls.
  1. X2 | Minimum Height: 48″ | This roller coaster speed-blasts through dives, flips and twists while spinning you in delirious 360ยฐ.

Personally, if you are a fan of extreme rollercoasters, I would take all of these options into consideration because they donโ€™t seem to be the typical profit gaining deals that theme parks engage in. It would be as customer friendly as Costco is and I donโ€™t really see that often.

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