Autonomous (Movie Review) by Danielle B.

autonomous-posterOne of the questions that pop out in this short film deals with the reliance on technology, “Can technology fix us?” This is something that is now normal in our society. Using technology to help us with work, communication, creativity, order food, clothes and even assist with relationships. People use dating apps in order to find the right person. These are examples of the use of technology is being present as it not only does things for us, it but also fixes our lives for our convenience. Technology is evolving as we know that we have Tesla’s, iPhone’s, drones, VR, etc. Recently, I’ve seen Hobbs & Shaw, watched Young Justice: Outsider’s, and I can even think back to the Jetson’s where technology is seen to be part of our society and how real it can look like in reality. Like A.I., having technology deal with altering genes, genetic engineering, and even how we all talk to each other through screens. Facetime, Skype, and webcams are the things that we do now. I never thought that watching a cartoon show like the Jetson’s where they did that would become part of our reality.

When it comes to this short film, Autonomous also brings that terrifying idea of how technology can control our lives. The main characters, Verity (Machelle Noel) & Stewart (Adam Gilmore) & A.L. (Mason Banks) portray that fear. From this film, we see that a couple is trying to work on their relationship by relying on a “cyborg” “transformers” type car. Verity and Stewart are using this car to fix their relationship until A.L starts to give them these scary decisions of who to kill on their way toward their destination. As the couple starts to panic, it appears that the relationship between the two hasn’t improved either while dealing with A.L to tell them to either kill option A or B. It controls their decisions a couple, forcing them to do something with their current problem that goes beyond their main problem. Thus, it also tests their relationship on different perspectives while communicating with reason and emotion.

The question is, “It’s the right thing to do, isn’t it?” Making a choice based on technology still holds questions of whether it is good or evil for people to consume/use. Some may argue that technology isn’t good nor evil and that it is the person’s actions in what they do with technology that causes the negative or positive results. Emphasizing that people are accountable for their use of technology. Others argue that technology is controlling you, your choices, actions, and results of situations.

While watching this film, the music itself adds to the fear and that makes audiences feel terrified. What would happen if you were placed in a position that was forcing you to make some difficult choices? Do your values still play a factor? This film does a great job by building up the intensity of what might be able to come. It also makes you wonder what would happen next. The suspense is killing me!

Release Year: 2017

Cast: Machelle Noel, Mason Banks, Adam Gilmore

Director: Mike Jeffs

Run Time: 7:26 minutes

Official Website:

Social Media Pages:

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