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12..jpgDee Wallace is back in the horror comedy film Critter Attack! This is the fifth film from the Critters franchise where Wallace plays the role of ‘Auntie’. Her goal in this film is to find the Critters once again and save the children from their bad intentions. Prepare to be shipped with a hungry full of #Critters!! Now avail via Digital/DVD! 

Produced by Blue Ribbon Content in association with SYFY, with production services provided by Blue Ice Pictures. Critters Attack! lands on earth on July 23, 2019, from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on Blu-ray Pack, DVD and Digital.

Wallace’s resume in Hollywood includes films such as ET: The Extra Terrestrial, The Howling, Cujo, and many more.

Host: Joining me right now is Dee Wallace, she’s here to promote her latest sequel “Critters Attack!” ahhh!

Dee Wallace: Ahhh!

Host:I Love That

Dee Wallace: See You Can Be A Scream Queen

Host: I could, I can just like your body double or just you know your voice double up ahead right there

Host: Thank You so much for coming to our show and congratulations to your movie what was your reaction when you got asked to come back for the sequel?

Dee Wallace: I went OMG you know and I said my first question was, are you doing puppets? Or are you doing CGI? Because if they were doing CGI I’m not interested because I know from being out on the convention circuit, the fans are adamant. That in a movie like this you use the puppets you use the real thing.

Host: There’s something about the old school way of doing things especially from the ‘80s, you keep it, you just don’t change it.

Dee Wallace: It’s just a different feel so then I read the script and I thought wow this is a really interesting different take on all of it and I loved what they did with my character they really morphed her and expanded her into a Bambi hunter basically

Host: Wow!

Dee Wallace: So and then we shot in Cape Town, South Africa so that was like the icing on the game for me.

Host: Good God, so what does your role “Auntie” have with Drea in this film? What kind of look at us can you tease us about it? Cuz right there I mean that’s a lot but is there anything else you can tease us?

Dee Wallace: Well I don’t, “Auntie” doesn’t know “Drea”, we meet coming together to find the Crites, save the kids from the Crites and so we end up being kind of partners.

Host: Okay, and what do new or different things the audience can expect from this movie, is there any nods to the original?

Dee Wallace: Oh yeah there’s a lot of the same humor if you look really closely in the big ball at the end you can find some of the original yeah critters in there.

Host: What is it about 80s lore that people just miss so much and wish that could come back and why did it work so well in that time period?

Dee Wallace: You know I think we want to go back it was a gentler time.

Host: Yeah

Dee Wallace: It was a more innocent time and when you can capture the purity of that again. We love living there.

Host: Is there any movies from your past that you could bring it back for a sequel again?

Dee Wallace: I would never redo “Cujo”, I would never redo “The Howling”, I certainly wouldn’t redo “ET.”

Host: You won’t?

Dee Wallace: No, Why? If you do it right the first time, why would you go back. And you know there’s some of my lesser films that I go, yeah, I might consider going back to do that one again.

Host: I mean, you have so many die-hard fans that would love to see you again and Critters I’m just glad that at least we got this one for you so folks

Host: Dee, thank you so much for joining us and folks be sure to catch “Critters Attack!”, that’s coming to you via Blu-ray DVD all in, ohhh July. Yeah soon.

Dee Wallace: And on SyFy channel in October.

Host: Yeah awesome okay thank you so much for joining us and we’ll see you guys next time bye!


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